flexDF2 and xLED

Hello, I have two questions.

I have flexDF2 installations in two days. I understand that it is best to mount it chip side up?

I have a bit of a problem with xLED. I installed it 2 weeks ago. I have no swelling, the led unfortunately does not work. I mounted it in my forearm, I can barely feel it under my hand.

Can they take it out and install it in the palm of my hand, I have thin skin there? If so, what should I do with the led before reinstalling?

This has been discussed recently with the ApexFlex ( very physically similar )

it’s only a short thread

It could still be some swelling causing the lack of vible blinky

Is it HF xLED or LF?
What are you using to light it up?

Have you tried it in a dark room?

but it sounds like it may be too deep.

If you are going to remove it, there are a couple of options you have.
Since you are using an installer, if they have an autoclave, this would problem be your “best” option.

The palm is not really a reccomended install location

BUT it has been done successfully before.

This would be best to discuss with your installer.

Thank you for your answer, you are a master. I already know how what side I will mount the flex. Is the mounting of the flex on “4” supposed to be between the bones?

Mine is an HF and so I tried to test it at night. I tried with phone, proxmark and flipper zero. Nothing at all. My impression is that it is behind a layer of grease. The installer said I have very thick skin in that area.

I will take it out and install it in place number “1”. What do you think about it?

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The Numbers are a guide.
There has been discussions around #4 and #5.
here’s Amals description

So yeah, my interpretation would be between.

Also whether a Flex should be on or between bones for a Flex.
People here have had both, including myself.
You will probably get a different answer from everybody you ask.
Me personally, I had better luck between, BUT again this should be discussed with the installer for your specific anatomy.

Sorry that is a shit answer.

Yeah, sounds deep

Personally, I think this will be a good location, with thinner skin and easy to present to readers and get the blinky you are after.

I would just suggest you consider if there is anything else you may want to place there in the future, however, the xLEDs are “inert” so to speak, so they won’t cause you any collision issues, but it will simply take up a viable location IF you wanted to put something else there.

xLed I bought just to brag in front of girls. For the moment I will take it out and think in the future what to do with it. I will hide it somewhere as a souvenir. A new one at the most I will buy to make it easier to install with an applicator. I already know everything, thank you!

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Far be it from me to cock block you.

A safe place to keep it is inside you

just install ot, and if you need to remove it later, it is a pretty simple task.

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