FlexM1 Bad Sector?

Was wondering if I have a bad sector:

Got this message when I factory formatted the chip:

Not bad sector… see sector 6, key B is unknown… it means that sector is protected. You’ll need to explore other means to get at that data.

Did you already write something to this tag that might cause the key and access bits to be set in this way?

I’ve just cloned hotel keys to it

How did you obtain the hotel key information? Did you use a pm3 or did you just read it with the MCT app?

It would be best to give an exact description of the entire step-by-step you’ve gone through… that will give all the pertinent information to answer your question.

I used the MCT app to get the dump then cloned it to the flexM1 gen 2

Interesting… so MCT can’t do crap against protected sectors so maybe that’s the problem… the data shown
with a blocked sector 6 is from the hotel card not the flexM1, correct? Then sure this work have problems writing.

Basically chances are sector 6 is protected on the source card and thus you can’t dump it properly… so the write to the flexM1 is incomplete at best.

To get at this data you’ll need to run some attacks on the hotel card using a proxmark3 or similar tool.

No the data above is the flexM1.

This is the hotel card:

Dump 1 is the hotel card
Dump 2 is the flexM1:

Is it possible the hotel lock, Locked sector 6?

I laugh here because MCT is indicating that sector 6 is identical, but it has no way to actually read sector 6. It’s like asking a blind person if two wildly different paintings look identical. Of course they will say yes because to that person they are.

Sector 6 isn’t permanently locked yet because you can still read key A, so this is an access bit limitation and you need to put on your evil bad hacker hat to proceed here if you want to truly get at that data and clone it.

Awesome, Good to know it’s still usable, Thank you for your time.

no prob. you will want to look into a proxmark3 and then you can likely get at that data and do a proper clone