flexM1 "magic" 1k Mifare Classic Implant gen1a" broken

Hi !
21 Nov 2021 I order a “Dangerous Things flexM1 “magic” 1k Mifare Classic Implant gen1a” from Digiwell.
for two weeks ago it stop to respond on all my readers and my proxmark3, so it seems dead.

How does the warranty apply to this ?



what reader/writers do you have available? we could try debugging it first

Hi, im using a Proxmark3 Easy, and it does not find the card anymore, not my yale doorman , and the reader for my garage door.
But if you have any tips for debugging the card when i cant find it with hf search, i’ll appreciate all help I can get

do hf 14a reader -@ and wave your proxmark’s HF antenna around the implant it should begin spitting out the uid/atqa/sak. once you’ve got stable coupling with that do a hf mf cwipe followed by a hf 14a info

It seems that i can not got anything out from hf 14a reader -@

I only got “iso14443a card select failed”

and that’s after bringing the proxmark up to the implant as if normally interacting with it?

if so, it looks dead dead.

put it where you find is normal for the flexm1 and do the hf mf cwipe just to see if that brings any life back to it

Yes , i tried to move it över the implant for 30s , if i tried one of my mifare rings , then it respond immediately , even 5cm above the reader.

And here is after a couple of cwipes

The flexM1 has always had a wire antenna and it turns out that the wire coil antenna has a problem that over time the enamel on the wire seems to wear through.

We are in the process of redesigning the flexM1 antenna as a PCB. Once completed I will warranty replace your flexM1.

Reply to your order confirmation email with this forum thread link and I’ll catalog it.


Could I ask where yours is placed?

Have you had any recent impacts to the area?

Who did the install?
Pro? Friend? Self?

What tools were used?
Scalpel? Needle? anything to push it in?

I bought mine from Digiwell , so cant reply to that order.

Its installed on the back of hand.
“1 - Between metacarpals of the index and middle finger”

Installed by a Pro “Ornament” malmoe sweden with the included needle

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That’s ok. I’ll DM with info soon