FlexM1 (Pre-Testing in Sealed vial); Anyone?

Hi guys, about the flexm1, since its not in the transponder injection and is sealed in a vial and is suppose to work atleast 2cm from the reader, as the read range radius is higher (bigger) than the xseries, has anyone tried or had any luck of registering it on the lock or the NFC phone while still in the vial?

What was your experience?


easy to test before its implanted in you

I’ve got a flexm1 and the range difference is night and day its so much better

Bro do you have a NFC Tools reader?

Is your FLEXM1 Identical to these info if being red by the phone?

Just making sure that it will with my locks this time :grin:

Whats type of flexm1 do you have implanted in you? :slight_smile:


it looks similar besides ofc the uid. dod you NDEF FORMAT yours? why??

Not yet brp havent bought one yet still waiting for a promo code wanting to buy 2 pcs of gen2 hehe

I see, how does your UID look like?

Planning to buy gen2 as they say its more userfriendlt for iphones and androids

my uid is diferent because its unique

Oh the one on the screenshot is an existing mifare keyfob im using, not a flexm1… it is compatible with my locks thats why im asking if its identical with the flaxm1 so i can finally decide as well soonest i get a voucher code around here haha

yeah but my uid and your uid are going to be different because that’s the whole point of UIDs LOL

I mean the digits haha coz my XSiiD looks something like this below and it doesnt work with my locks…

Not really unique with only 4 bytes of ID…

yeah its NUID but the points stands the uid most likely wont be the same

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Yes but the Xsiid SN is 14 digits while mifare classic is 8 digits

Is ypur UID also 8 digits?


its a 4 byte uid wheras the i2c in the xsiid is 7byte uid

Hey mate, you have all the answers you need below from the other guys, and as we discussed in the other thread, the FlexM1 is what you need.

As we discussed in the other thread

Certainly, I was going to jump in and suggest 2 things.

  • NFC Tools, is great for writing data sets, but TagInfo is generally more accurate for reading chip types.

The xM1 is highly likely compatible, but the xSeries coupling is not as easy as a Flex Series.
My opinion the xM1 COULD work a FlexM1 almost certainly will.

NFC Tools scan as requested inbound, wait one…

Just some clarification/ further points for you.

  • NFC Tools is not the best at Chip Identification, use TagInfo for more accurate results

  • Yes you can read the FlexM1 in the vial, so you can easily test it (Quite likely enroll it in your lock) before installing

    • Just be aware, gravity may fuck with your plans while testing, and also the curvature of the vial with force some separation between Flex and reader, but it should be similar flex and skin to reader.
  • The NUID of you keyfob is 8 digits (4 bytes), the same amount as what the FlexM1 has

  • The FlexM1 gen1a and gen2 differ slightly, but either will work with your lock *1 exception, but it is highly unlikely(I will link to more info below)

    • gen1a is far more common as an implant than the gen2. I have a gen2 for when I travel, because I can simply write to it with my phone, so it is something I want the convenience, as I change the NUID and data frequently, The gen1a needs a ProxMark3 or similar to write to it but is a good option if you always travel with a Proxmark3 or dont plan to write to it alot (like your apartment access); with both you have the option to enroll them. So use this info and the link below to help you decide which will suit your needs better.
  • The discount you are hoping for, will likely not happen, generally there is one sale a year (around USA thanksgiving :turkey:) The other thread you saw was a reward for the crowdfunded first backers of the Titan.


Those are two hexadecimal digits per byte. So yes, 8 digits for a 4 byte chip.