flexMT, how many LED's are there on the purple version?

I was a bit unsure on how many LED’s there are on the flexMT purple version?
Are there 3, 2 or 1?
How many LED’s can you get on a custom version?

I think the flexMT has 2 LEDs.
I assume amal did it’s best to put as much blinky stuff on there without decreasing range.
If you accept x-series performance I’m sure you could get 4 or even 5 LEDs.

correct it’s 2 LEDs but the presence of the T5577 disc means there is no more room. It might be possible to put more LEDs if that was omitted… maybe 4… maybe 7 max actually… might be worth a try.

Purple has become a scarce commodity… I have been unable to get more purple NFC nails and I’ve been looking for weeks. At this point I think I’m basically out of purple… but I have lots of yellow and other colors.

Quick question; will there be a white blinky option available for the flex implants? I saw there’s red for the custom option, but I’m more intrigued by bright white.

yes could be… lemme look into it…

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