flexMT (Magic 1k + T5577)

I’m looking to get a flexMT (Magic 1k + T5577). Would the back of the left wrist be an appropriate place? Maybe further up, forearm? 1 or 2?
This will be used for doors and keypads

if you don’t wear watches either place works… closer to the wrist often gives the most flexible placement capabilities.

Any update on when these would be available? I’ve got 2 chips from DT now, but the range on the readers make them hard to use. One of these would make my life much easier.

They’re resource intensive to make so I don’t really make many… I may explore making more later… for now I’m conserving materials.

I had one, and yes, the range was amazing, BUT I never implanted it; simply because it was too big for the back of my hands.
Well, thats not quite correct, I just didnt want to commit that much realestate.

On your forearm as you suggest would be better, but from my experience, I would suggest you cust out a semi rigid (plastic) 33mm disc. find a spot to stick it, and see how much it flexes, you really need a flat spot that remains flat throughout your full range of motion.

Alternatively put in a FlexM1 (~7-8 x 30mm) and a FlexEM (20mm)

Is the range on the 2 chips as good as the range on the single chip? Would there be an issue installing them in spots 1 and 2 in the picture above?

I can’t give you emperical data, I can however throw some Very BASIC and ROUGH numbers at it (ignoring some physics) and using only quick head calculations

Low Frequency
The T5577 antenna has a Slightly smaller diameter in the FlexMT compared to the FlexEM
(15mm vs 20mm)
so you could ASSUME ~25% better performance with the FlexEM

High Frequency
The FlexMT antenna has a diameter of 30mm, so if we get the length (Circumference)
30mm x Pi (3.14) = ~90.4

If we take the FlexM1 length, which is actually unknown at the moment (new version due soon)
Current Flexies are between 28mm - 38mm Length
Average = 33mm
the antenna is a loop so we need to double this = ~66 + 2x ends, for ease lets round upto 70mm

FlexMT 90.4mm
FlexM1 70mm

so you could ASSUME ~25% better performance with the FlexMT

  • There is obviously some other variables at play, but I would say my rough calcs above would be in the ballpark

The answer depends on a couple of things

Isuue? What do you want to use them on?
Phone? Flipper? Portable reader?
Not a problem at all.
If you want to use them on a Wall Reader, only you will know because it will depend on the access to the reader.
Next time you are at a reader (all readers you want to use it on), see if you can easily place your forearm to the reader, if its easy, no problem, if you need to become a contortionist, that may be an issue for you.

Anatomically speaking it would depend on your own body and what you put where.
For example, my forearm flexies are approximately here

I chose this location because of the minimal movement, it is in an area less exposed to external forces and my intention was to only use them with portable readers.
The only thing I need to be concious of is when I slip a backpack off my shoulder and catch onto my forearm.
Otherwise I have no problem with that location.

There are other people here with implants in the areas you suggested, but I will let them chime in to give their opinions rather than me guessing.

I have an Apex in 2 and no issues at all. I would have preferred to have put it in the same position on my left arm as I am right handed, but I wear a watch and it would not have been practical for me. I have never bumped it in the 2 position and never had any issues with it. It is also easily accessible on fixed readers by bending my wrist (not that I use it for them). I highly recommend 2.

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