FlexNExT smart bracelet project

No offense meant, but I think that is more “normal” than being barefoot all the time.

I am baffled by you.


You do realize that the human body was designed to function without shoes, but was never designed to be hooked up to a function generator, right? :slight_smile:

Besides, there’s the power of habituation: my coworkers don’t notice me anymore, unless I happen to wear shoes for one reason or another, and then it’s remark after remark all day long.


I agree.

Eyes are meant to function without glasses also, but people wear them.

That’s when they go bad. If my feet ever go bad, I will wear shoes - something my mom must do although she hates it for instance, because she has T2 diabetes and don’t feel much of anything with her feet anymore.

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Not that silly ide though.

You decided to do this, yet in my brain, something might not be “wired quite right”? :stuck_out_tongue:
I never ever actually decided to voluntarily electrocute myself :smile:

But still, nice project - keep it on, I’m still looking for some “jewelry” to light up my flexy :wink:


Difference is, I did not enjoy it one bit :slight_smile:


You could implant the antenna… :sunglasses:


But then you’d need…


… asking for a friend… but where do we draw the line on voluntary?

I will NEVER live down my shame/glory of one incident


Had one of the shocking pens… not that crazy, my hand had become numb to it and bored by shocking friends for cheap laughs

Had a big math test,
Important note, I had a serious pen chewing problem when stressing back then

Yes, exactly what you think happened

Your mouth/saliva is very conductive, and your gums are very sensitive to electrical currents
(Legitimately top 10 most painful thing I’ve felt and I’ve felt some ow)

Stood up / flinch-threw the pen 100mph across the classroom to the loudest bang in a quiet room
I’ve ever heard

Such an amazing fail I genuinely can’t even be mad


Hehe, that’s a great story - guess you quit your pen-chewing habit after that? I can imagine that hurt quite a lot… electrical shocks produce a sensation I find very unpleasant (I know this shit from electric epilation, hurts like a… whatever - and yeah, I kinda do that voluntary… sigh), and that on such a sensitive area… ouch!

I use an insulation tester quite a lot at work, for fault finding on El.motors and wiring. They are being used in a harsh environment so I test them on myself to make sure they work😂
50V-1000V all depending on what voltage the equipment I’m troubleshooting has :joy:

50V and 250V is not that bad, it tickles.
500V you get a constant pain, but not unbearable.
1000V I flinch and pull my hand towards me :joy::joy::joy:

Note that these meters have a super low current, so it’s not too dangerous to run between thumb and index finger, wouldent try it Trough the heart though :hushed::roll_eyes:

Those things are DC, right?

Yeah there dc

If you can muster 1000VDC with something smaller than a motor vehicle you’re a better man than I

Voltage doubler will do it, the insulation resistance testers us a stack of voltage doubles and large caps its eventually a CDI.

So it’s like a capacitive charge pump?

So it is:

Well I for one don’t have a bunch of fun use cases for high voltage low current amplification :smirk:

:slight_smile: built a stunning gun for a collage project was great fun.

Did you achieve actual electro muscular incapacitation? Or just a pain response

I know there are a lot of things that make tasers actually effective, vs just high voltage and contact points

Taser =/= to stun gun

AC vs DC. Also, Tasers usually have a cartridge where the electrodes shoot out.

I’ve been zapped by more than a few high-voltage caps. But the pain at high frequency is something else. It’s not so much painful as a really nasty kind of feeling.

No muscle response. Just an urge to dial the voltage back down fast :slight_smile: