FlexNT not reading =(

:cry: RIP⚰

Farewell, FlexNT,
Rest in pieces on Amal’s bench,
Fulfill your duty as a beta test.
May a Faraday cage surround you tender,
As you fade in the greater reading distance,
On the EM field of greener pasture.
In the holly name of the Spaghetti Monster
Soaked in classic tomato sauce with fresh basil on top and grated matured parmesan and a light drizzle of chilli infused extra virgin olive oil.
Now and eternity,
Oh, man!
(x x)

I checked it a few weeks ago with an Android and it read perfectly.
Then a few days later I tried to read it with my Nokia, no success.
Then I checked with my other 2 Nokias… nothing.
I thought it might be the Windows OS, it is not getting updates from Microsoft, but my other chips are recognised by all my phones.

I checked it at uni with the xerox machine… nothing. Door lock… nothing. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think there is no such thing as a reader can screw up a chip, right?
i.e.: the Android fried my Flex

The only thing might have caused gixer is a flash bulb.
I was fooling around in the shop, I found an old-school flash that has the E27 mount.
It asked for trouble, so I screwed it in the holder (230V) as a cheap form of entertainment.
It meant to work from a few kV direct current, like ordinary flashes, but could be mounted in the standard fitting.
Obviously it burned out.
The bulb is filled with a steel wool, that can possibly build up plenty of charge to fry a soldering on the chip, even under the skin…in theory.

My Vivo is ok in R4, but my Flex is in the middle finger, that was directly on the bulb…
It is possible… :thinking:even a plasma ball can make a tiny spark and this bulb fried the 16A fuse, so it could have been more then a tiny spark… I don’t know, because I saw a bright flash, rather then tiny sparks… anyways…

I know, I should get a decent reader to test my FlexNT properly, and I also know that Amal will answer to send it back to him for a test… but it hurt like a mo :duck:er to get it installed, so I’d rather get a fresh chip first and replace the current one once the pocket is opened.

Has anybody done chip-swap before?

Dear fellow photographers, especially Atilla,

Never touch a flash without gloves again!
Best regards,



Yes we can do this. That sucks man… sorry to hear it :confused: Hit the orange help button on the site and send your order number for the flexNT and we’ll sort it out.


That’s what I am hoping to do in 2021.
I want to photograph the Flex to say bye.
I made an installation about chips before, I was thinking about similar project but much smaller. We’ll see…

I feel proper grief… with all the stages:
o denial was the past few weeks
o anger today, when I double checked
o now I am between bargaining and depression
o acceptance and heal is yet to come.

I know, it sounds like WTF?! but here I am writing poem to a chip…


I totally understand it! And there were people here on this forum (yeah, looking at you, @anon3825968 :wink: ) who actually asked if I build up a connection to a specific chip. Guess this happens :smile:

The flex was special for me. It took ages to heal, maybe that’s why.
I was checking it several times a day during that period. It bumps up a little, so I had to accept the new look of my finger. Also one corner pokes out a bit, as the implant rotated. I hated it first, but eventually I found it oddly entertaining.
Not to mention the technology itself, increased reading range due to the antenna… I applaud those nuances in engineering.

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