FlexNT programming

Can anyone tell me what program(s) you’ve used to program the FlexNT? Do you have any good video’s/write-ups you can recommend to get started? I’m new to the NFC scene so a bit of a newbie and don’t want to screw it up or overwrite it or format it somehow. I have a DT KBR1 (https://dangerousthings.com/shop/kbr1/) as well as a proxmark3.
Thanks much!

First use the Dangerous NFC app to secure the chip properly. Then use TagWriter from NXP to write some ndef data to it.

I’ve tried the DT NFC app to secure it but it’s not reading it. The only thing that seems to read it at all is the DT KBR1. Any other ideas?

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the proxmark3 default antennas are fairly difficult to use with x-series tags… so it’s not surprising… on the phone however, have you tried different orientations and angles? You might want to check out the xLED and the video on the product page to see how tag orientation works when dealing with x-series tags.

after playing with the orientation a little bit (didn’t realize the flexNT’s were as touchy as the xNTs because of not being cylindrical), I was able to read the info with NXP (see first screenshot) and then tried Dangerous NFC to protect it but keep getting “Tag Lost” error (see 2nd screenshot). Any ideas on that one?

BTW, let me know if you want to see the implant videos of these (for your beta) and i’ll DM the link

It means your position/orientation is still not ideal. Writing requires a better coupling with the antenna than reading.

What phone are you using?

Here is a video that demonstrates essentially exactly what Amal shows in his video, but with a phone…and must worse speaking.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S8. So i used the xLED and found the sweet spot on the phone and was finally able to write to it. I basically had to have my phone pretty much upside down and towards the very back right in the middle to get it to write to it. Thank you for your help!

Can you (or someone) explain why it’s still difficult to read/write to a flexNT when it seems to be flat? I understand the reason behind why it would be difficult with cylinder shaped implants, but just figured it would be different with the flexNTs

Just because it’s flat doesn’t mean it’s perfect, just better than the round antenna in the glass tags. Both antenna designs are limited by size. They won’t be as good as a standard card.

You reccomend tagwriter over nfc pro?

If you thrown off by the reviews on the play store like I was when looking at the two apps. Read those 1 star reviews. Most of them are idiots. Both apps work well though. I think it’s just your preference

I personally recommend TagWriter for these basic functions because it’s from NXP, the same people who make the ntag216… and they properly recognize the chip. Even today, NFC Tools still calls this chip an ultralight chip, which it’s not.