Flipper cloning

Can flipper clone hid proximity to xEM? I don’t want to brick my chip, so I figured I’d ask if anyone has tried it first.

I have a proxmark3 but I haven’t been able to do much besides read tags. I’ve cracked keys and dumped files but I’m unable to clone any of that information.

yeah it can write the most common Hidprox and other chipsets to the t5577 inside your xem with 0 worries. i do it on the daily


Sweet, Appreciate you’re response!

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Also fun fact if you have a dog and it’s microchipped you can read it with your flipper! Typically located in-between the front shoulder blades, the led on the flipper will blink while reading in 125khz mode, when it flashes yellow it’s close to reading the chip. Great for knowing the chip UID to update personal infowith the companys that manages the data base for that chip

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This was something that excited me about the flipper! One of the first things i scanned was my dogs chip. Now I just have to make sure the information is correct :sweat_smile:.

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