Flipper Detect reader function

Could someone explain how you’re able to get keys from NFC reader nonces? From my understanding you put the flipper up next to an NFC reader in “detect reader” mode, it will act as a mifare card, logging the data the reader spits out. With those nonces you can then use data on your laptop(or phone now) and potentially make a key from the data. How are you able to make a key from the data the reader spits out?

GitHub - equipter/mfkey32v2: Mifare Classic Key Calculator v2 explains it. you run the collected nonces through it and it outputs keys. you can then take those keys and read your card

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Doesn’t really answer my question. I know the process for obtaining keys from that method, I want to know why and how it works. Why does the reader spits out information that can be used to make a working key.

as far as I understand it, it’s because the crypto-1 algorithm used by classic mifare chips is proprietary and fundamentally vulnerable… it was cracked some time ago.

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