Fob mod for FlexM1 gen2 implants

It’s more Modification than project, but it can live here for now.

It was just a Short and simple mod to a Dual frequency fob.

I De-soldered gen1a chip from antenna, and soldered on gen2 chip and a little dab of hot glue just to hold everything inplace.
Now I can use it for practice writes before writing to my FlexM1gen2

My Reasoning - if you care

Basically, I always carry a T5577 card in my phone case, and in my backpack I carry a Mifare Magic 1k card. (gen2)

I also carry a dual frequency fob. (T5577 and MF1k gen1a)

I know more people use gen1a rather than gen2, but I have a FlexM1 gen2 implant (I like it for the convenience of being able to write to it with my cellphone without having to carry around a ProxMark3 and laptop)

I also want to minimise the chance of bricking it with my phone, hence carrying a gen2 card to test on first before writing to my FlexM1.
Now I can use my fob instead which is a closer analog in performance.

I opened up the fob, and saw both chips were epoxyed onto the surface.
There were a couple of approaches, but I went for quick and crude
And it works

The End


This is actually a really good reason. I was hesitant before to get a gen2 implant but carrying something like this might give me more confidence in not bricking it accidentally.

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Did you get the gen2 chip from a fob or card or did you source it individually somewhere?

(Asking because I would like to make something I can easily attach to my watch band that is gen2)

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I bought a bunch of Naked Chips and antennas, they even threw in a couple of spare / different size antennas, one of which would probably fit on a whatch band nicely without modification.

It was an Aliexprees purchase, so deleviry times can be slow.

A card dissolved in acetone and will work the same, but the antenna may be awkward to rework easily…

Standby I will grab my Purchase info for the link for you

It doesn’t show the spare antenna in that link and I am away from home at the moment so cant take a photo of it sorry

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