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I was wondering if there was a way to add tags to our names in the forum. That way when we ask a question or put a comment people know how much to dumb down their answers to posts, and people looking for answers can see the person answering is not talking out of their ass. Almost like a list of skills. Just food for thought.

I think clicking on their icon is sufficient. See here it says you’re a regular with 1d of read time, so you probably know what you’re talking about.

And theres the problem lol, unless you want to know how to solder a part or find polarity I’m of very little help. Now I am a regular here and I ask questions and I’ve seen your name all over the place so I know you know what you are talking about. I’m not saying anyone on here would pretend to know more than they do, but it only takes one person to ask a question and one idiot to give advice on a topic they know nothing about. Next thing you know people are bricking implants and putting diodes in backwards or whatever else. Lol anyway you are probably right.

I see what you mean. :rofl:

Seriously though, checking the icon is useful, but even the best people on here do dumb stuff. Sometimes hilariously so. The nice thing is everybody chips in to have a laugh with and correct that kind of thing. The community (when we all work together) is where the genius is.


Crap I knew that didn’t look right when I typed it, I relied on auto correct and it failed me. :joy: You are right though its the collective knowledge around this place that makes it so awesome.

Yes, and no. Collective knowledge is cool, but if somebody shows up and asks for help, it’s kind of an all hands on deck moment. Everybody is not only willing, but eager to help where they can. People who get help are appreciative and try their best to benefit from it. It’s all attitude and exactly the reason so many of us hang out here.

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Thats sorta what I was saying. All of the threads I have looked at there are people trying to help. Its awesome, no one is there callng you an idiot because you don’t know something, people genuinely want to help. I ask a question and most of the time I not only get an answer, but also an explanation. Thats why I’m here all the time I get to learn from my questions and everyone elses.


Weather or not clicking on the icon and seing read time is enough or not,

I still think tags would be kinda neat. Maybe we could also let people put tags on questions and then people can easier see what kinda problem something is or auto ping those with the same tag (maybe a bit too far).

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Thats really what the title is for, right? I mean a well written descriptive title should speak to anyone capable of answering, kinda pulls you in.

Fair enough I guess. Maybe I’m just going crazy and not thinking these posts through

Can I join you?

We’re all a little mad here.


Bonus if your sleep schedule is as fucked as mine (consistently going to bed at 5am and sleeping till 5 or 6 pm)

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