Forward capabilities?


I am new to the world of implants, and I was planning on purchasing my first chips here soon. I was wondering if anyone knows how the payment will be implemented when it comes out? Is there anything I could get now that will work when it is implemented?

I would like to get a NExT and a Spark 2. I don’t mind waiting a bit for the payment part to be sorted out, and then buying one, I would just like to do it all on the same day.

I have not been able to find an answer or guidance about this on the forum search, so if anyone knows where that is, please direct me.


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Unfortunately neither one will every have payment capability.

There is a plethora of information in the DT Info category including this gem:

If you are new, it’s definitely worth a read through that category

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The first one that might have payments would be the Flex One and that has not been released yet.

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Hey thanks! This is the answer I was looking for, as I don’t mind having one of those put in either.

I really like the idea of having Vivokey, so I don’t mind waiting to get one implanted if it has the capabilities I am looking for. (From what I gather, it is lile the Spark, except MORE) I honestly hardly use my smartwatch as NFC payment as I don’t like the process of it. I would also use it to set passwords for everything, as I had an issue with google a few weeks ago. I almost lost everything since I couldn’t remember my password, as I had not logged in manually for almost 2 years. (Which lead me to NFC and Dangerous Things.)

So I guess I will wait to order, as I don’t want to buy one now, and then again when it comes out. I think it is excellent, and will be purchasing it as soon as I can. I did read I could pay the $1000, to get into the beta, but I can practice patience.

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Some further info for you incase you weren’t aware
These are “ballpark” dates…
The Flex One is likely going to come out around late Q1 or early Q2 in 2020…

( This is 100% speculation on my part )
When released, the Vivokey Flex One will…


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VivoKey will be coming out with all new products this spring or early summer. This is an informal announcement that the Flex One product (and beta program) is dead. A new line of products are coming called Apex, and will all use the same chip supplied in a few different form factors. Like the Flex One beta product, the Apex line of chips will be capable of payments… eventually. The proper keys and tokens will be pre-loaded on to the Apex devices such that once certifications and bank approvals are granted, you will be able to begin using it for payment without needing to replace it.

There will be certain advantages for Spark customers once the Apex line comes out, so it might be worth doing anyway.


Thanks! Perfect answers for what I was looking for. currently eyeing up getting a xSIID and Spark 2 in the meantime.

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It’s like christmas all over again.
Thanks for sharing your “secret” projects Amal
(The godfather of Bio-hacking)


Well thats extremely exciting, I was going to get chipped at some point this year but I am definitely going to wait and see what this Apex line is all about

Well ok then. I’m in the middle of deciding what implant to get and looking into the whole TeslaFlex thing and randomly stumble on this thread just in time to convince me to wait a little while for the next big thing. This is going to be a case of “the second I get something, I’ll see some shiny new thing”, isn’t it?

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To be fair, the next shiny thing is pretty damn shiny! Apex will be a massive upgrade and worth the wait, and it looks like it’ll stay the gold standard for a while!

In the meantime, the NExT is still a fantastic choice for phone NFC and ‘legacy’ uses, the Apex will bridge the gap for most of the future.


and I’m super excited about it. I’ve been thinking about placement, any good ideas?

I’ve reserved my right hand knife edge for one of the flex variants when it’s available - it won’t be used daily (until payment is available!) for me but is so flexible that it gets prime real estate.

I’m thinking along the same line, right hand knife edge.

At one point I was thinking back of my hand but I don’t want to get near all the delicate hand bits, at least on the edge you’ve got the extra meat.

don’t suppose there’s any set date for when the Apex is launching? My obsession levels are ramping up quick and seems like it would be pretty great to have that be my first implant.

I’ve read on here May-ish for a possible release date. It’ll come in glass, flex and ring form. The Covid-19 issue might push that back because if sourcing/shipping and there hasn’t been an official announcement of the Apex yet so… keep an ear to the ground!


yeah… we will probably have to push it back a bit… not because of the virus but for other reasons… in short we want the chip to be 100% awesome at release time and that will require some more little ducks to get in line.


That’s fair, and for the best I’m sure. But damn it… patience has never been one of my virtues hehe


Aww my birthday is in May, I was hoping it would be out by then T_T

I kid, I’m looking forward to it though its exciting to watch as things slowly come together.

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