Found a magnet today

I’d put my titan in my right hand R5 closer to the wrist. I hadn’t run into any magnetic fields that I wasn’t already expecting until today. I found a silver colored disc glued to a display at Walmart and I thought maybe it was a magnet but I didn’t have any metal with me to check it. No keys since I wired up my car to start with my implant. Anyway short version I hovered my hand over it and got quite a jolt. Not sure why but it seems someone glued a magnet to the display.


How’s sensing in R5?

Honestly not as great as I had hoped. I was worried about it fitting into and or interfering with my finger had I gone for a tip or pad placement. I mean it’s noticeable and there are certainly enough nerves in there but smaller fields I can’t seem to feel. For example I know my laptop uses a magnet for its close sensor but I can’t feel it, even when I’m feeling for it on purpose.

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Well on second thought, seems that was from before when I hadn’t finished healing. Just tried it again and yeah no trouble so I suppose it’s pretty decent. It does make feeling around for it a bit of a pain though because the rest of my hand is in the way vs a finger instal where it is as far removed from obstruction as possible.

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