Found a nice little surprise left by DT in my NExT

Just got my NExT installed today. And of course, I had to check what DT puts on it by default.

There’s a single NDEF that links to, which seems to just go to the NExT product page… but maybe they’ve got statistics tracking how many people scan the default tag.

And in the last page of the user memory (E1h), I found “NExT” written in the factory image. That was a fun find! :smiley:


I’m excited to read the LF-side when my swelling goes down and see if there are any more surprises.

Thanks DT for this awesome product!

Also shoutout to Sean Havok at Paradox Tattoo in Bonney Lake, WA, USA for the install. I recommend!


Is that your first? If so…

This might be the worst one of us gif yet.


Indeed it is! Thank you!

I’m officially a cyborg now :sunglasses:


Lucky you. My DT implants all came with a hidden message that said “If you read this, you have too much time on your hands” :slight_smile:

J/k of course. There was an ASCII-art rendition of Amal in a suggestive pose.


Mine just said “Drink more Ovaltine” :disappointed:

Aw man! you got a suggestive pose?

All I got was a disappointed expression.

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It depends on how much you pay for the @amal Only Fans Chips.

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Oooohhh. Only FANS.

I thought it was Only FANGS. I’ve been posting him my teeth.

Someone make an amal delphine meme pls

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Keep in mind that this is here as a reminder, because the default password has been changed to NExT

You don’t want my bath water.


Welcome cyborg friend. :wave:

Don’t be so sure about that… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thank you! :wave:

Oh, I thought the default is DNGR in the new batches.

Only if it’s in an implantable form factor. :laughing:


Haworth silicone capsule with @amal 's bath water ofc