Free Implant? Extracted From xField Detector (Images)

I extracted the capsule from the NFC filed detector. looks exactly like one of the old implantable xfield detectors. Was it a reject for some reason possibly? Maybe it was just excess stock?
I’m pretty sure its a standard glass capsule, but I inspect it further… Seems perfectly implantable to me, after sterilization of course.


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The xFD are not tested safe for implantation

they look the same, but they are not.

If you want a safe one, here you go

They are not resin filled, therefore brittle and not safe for human implantation.

The xLED however fall under this category


This is why Amal started epoxying them into those keychains,

He does not want those implanted in people… it’s bad for you and it’s a bad for DT


Ah, I see. Gotcha!

They don’t sell them anymore… But I understand. Thank you.

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It’s funny that I got quick replies to this thread, but none to the there one that I actually put some effort into making. I’m just being a sad boy I guess…
Sad boy club.

And if IIRC, Amal mentioned that those things might not be sealed correctly and the glass may contain lead or other toxic compounds.

In other words, the field detectors are pretty much the cheapest glass vials available with LEDs in them.

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Oh, I had a cool idea just now, I can integrate it into a wearable! So it’s not a waste =)

Maybe I’ll integrate it into the band of my smartwatch.


It’s funny that this topic comes up once in a while. I myself jokingly made this same comment.
In short, these are really good examples to show folks, but they are certainly not something ta shove in ya

Well, that’s why I asked =)

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You can do all kinds of cool things, just don’t implant them… nearly everything else is fair game :sunglasses:

I made a iso card that holds both lf and hf so it’s like a diagnostic card. But functions as a field detector


I’ve been intending to make a dual frequency keychain for that matter.

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All this is somewhat irrelevant anyway (as far as implantation) Because my NFC implant already has a light, lol. I just want more implants that light up.

Haha, Don’t be sad.

It makes sense really…this was a safety concern…so urgent to let you know before you got bored of waiting and just put it in.
I’m glad you asked BEFORE doing anything.

Also, if this is your thread you were wanting quick replies to

You got 9 likes so far
You didn’t actually ask a question.
You put a lot of effort into it, so a person responding should do the same, and to do that, takes time…
You did a great write up and documented it very well with photos…Nuff said!!!

Here’s a thumbs up from vault boy to make you happy

Infact, to make you even more happy, I’ll leave that message over there also


It makes a lot of sense when you put it that way. Thank you =)


Ya me too- I have 15 implants and only 6 light up.#sad

i remember when they used to just come as the xseries stuck to a piece of paper (not actual xseries just the shape obvs not implantable) oh good times. i swallowed one of them

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What!? Mind if I ask how that happened?

literally noting. satur9 confirmed in discord that it will just pass through you and eventually youll have an RFID enabled glowing shit leave ur body. never tested that theory