Free Implant? Extracted From xField Detector (Images)

Why am i not suprised

because its a classic andy thing to do.

for those wondering. no the light did not penetrate my stomach even with the long range readers for the rdv4 or the RP40 or R90 from HID


Well, I supposed swallowing it is a lot better than implanting it, lmao.

100000000x better than implanting it

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In most cases sure, but it’s not a guarantee though. There is the possibility that it gets stuck in your GI tract or causes damage along the way before being xCreted


it’s too small to get stuck tbh, if you think of the other things you consume

Yeah but your stomach breaks down food, not glass. im not saying it’s a guarantee but there is still a slight possibility… perforation of the gi tract doesn’t sound fun. (plus, i wanted to make an xCreted joke)

Well, this topic certainly caused a lot of discussion, a lot of it unexpected. Thanks to everyone for participating!

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