Get permission to use at work?

Looks like that’s a fairly old system, and it seems to support a wide variety of protocols:

"Support for industry standard id card, reader and
printer technologies
• ID cards/readers
• Lenel OpenCard™
• DESFire®
• Contact smart card
• Proximity
• Magnetic Stripe

I think this means that you’ll need to find out more about which cards are being used in your case


Personally im more of a beg for forgiveness rather than ask for permission kind of guy, but if its the government I might befriend one of the IT or security guys and ask them. Also before you go putting an implant in your body you should probably check what credential system they use because it might not be compatible with any of the chips sold.


I am one of the IT guys lol.

but yeah, I really do need to look into if any chip will actually work though.

Well then you authorize yourself.


Sounds good to me!

Due to your work. It’s probably better not to share your card information on an open forum.
But if you download TagInfo, and scan your work card, It is good for identifying Chipsets and from there we can suggest compatiable implants.

Since Aoxhwjfoavdlhsvfpzha found some great info for you; there were some standout options, in order of ease that I would personally choose

• Proximity ( Assuming it’s LF ) = xEM, NExT, FlexEM, FlexMT {xMagic or NExT2 SOON™ }

Alternatively and equally

• MIFARE® ( Assuming is Mifare Classic 1k)

• DESFire® = xDF2, FlexDF2, FlexDF

• iCLASS® = FlexClass

It may be a good idea get a testcard bundle (or similar), not necessary, but it would likely be helpful


Thank you for this info! Do you have a link to the test card bundle?

Funny you should ask…you do also :wink:


haha thanks! I feel dumb.

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I work for government as well, my nearby coworkers know about my NExT implant, but they only know about the NFC portion because they scanned it on their phones. A lot of staff at my job keep their ID badges in a wrist strap thingy because every door has a scanner next to the knob, so it’s easy for me to hide the fact that I use my implant because everyone thinks I have my ID by my wrist.

Considering how government works, I’d ask for forgiveness than ask for permission. That’s the principle I’m working off right now. It’ll take ages before you get an answer from the powers at be if you can use your implant or not, and the most likely answer will be “no”.

Well only one of my cards can be scanned with taginfo. The one I want an implant for (has my picture on it and uses the lenel software) doesn’t scan (I guess it’s not nfc?).

What info do I need to display here from taginfo for the one that will actually scan?

Underscore this. For your job, shoot for sharing the least amount possible. If you send a tag info for your cat door, or your mug warming vault, nbd. But stuff you don’t intrinsically own, is begging for issues. Off topic, maybe an open source “identify this device” app that explicitly doesn’t share IDs or secrets contained, and spits out two distinct sections of easily readable text:

Public - Key construction info or this device supports information.

Private - A don’t share publicly format that can be consumed by trusted apps and configuration utilities

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Bet it’s LF 125 or w/e

My old work badge was. My flipper can copy an old coworkers and write it to my NeXT

I don’t have it any more because it’s not needed for me, I did it out of curiosity.

Might also want to see if it even scans. Mine wouldn’t no matter how hard I tried. I needed a flex


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i tend to do it first to know it works and try not get noticed doing it but if you’re likely gonna get seen you should probably ask and show them its still secure. also check any EULAs/ terms of use

I replaced my work badge with a next and didn’t tell anyone but eventually people saw it and now it’s a low-key stupid human trick I occasionally get asked to show people.

Ofc I work at a studio that makes animation and not the government :rofl:

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More often than not that is correct, (but there are exceptions to the rule)

“All Lenel OpenCard Readers contain both 125 kHz proximity and. 13.56 MHz”

is LIKELY LF but, we still aren’t 100% if it’s LF or HF.
Now you probably need a diagnostic tool of some description, like a xFD or RFID Diagnostic card BUT all this will do is confirm for you what frequency your card is; If you want to do anything with that information, you will need a ProxMark3 to read and write to it.

If you were to buy a PM3 and a NExT implant you would get free shipping (check the DT shipping to confirm)

  • Free shipping for qualified orders. Check our shipping policy for more info.

And included FREE with the NExT implant will be a LF & HF xFD plus a RFID Diagnostic card

The NExT may not be the MOST suitable for your specific use case, but it is generally a great all-round option…if your card is LF, then the NExT implant will be almost certainly be compatiable, however, the only problem you MAY have is, not all readers are made equally, and sometimes xSeries can struggle to be read, but you won’t really know until you try.

I guess you have a few decisions to make, but if you still have questions, fire away.

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Thank you and everyone for the help/comments. If I think of any other questions, I will definitely ask. Have a good day everyone.

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I would clone for sciences and experience.
But i would’n use more than 2 time without permission. To start to use, in my opinions i want to talk with authorities.