Getting carried away

So, I am new here. I received my NeXT in the mail today and I am already on a research mission and I think I may have found my next implant already. I took someone’s advice and I’m planning on what I want to do with my chip and then pick the most accurate chip to get the job done. So far the next chip I plan on getting is the xDF2 Desfire EV2. :grin::grin:

Seems that is a good fit for copying my keycard at work. The readers at my job are HID Multiclass SE, from the look at the Matrix chart my NeXT isn’t an appropriate match. Dun dun dun! :upside_down_face:

You wont be able to copy a desfire card unfortunately :frowning: you would need your employer to register your implant into their system in the same way they did your badge.

This would likely be more what you are after for compatiability

It is out of stock at the moment, and I am not sure when it is being restocked

Depending on the system being used, and how it is configured, you might be able to get your NExT enrolled. According to the matrix, it appears that no one has tested this before, but it’s still worth a try.

And this would only apply if they are using high frequency credentials. If they are using low frequency ones, cloning to the NExT should be easy. So get a Proxmark 3 and see if you can identify the credential type, or at least try the diagnostic card on one of the readers.

And don’t worry, you’ll probably end up with several implants anyways…



I have a flexDF2 installed but only using for NDEF at the moment until I move and install a reader at my new place.

This is the system they use at my job.

So that is a Kronos InTouch and unfortunately is completely useless to determine badge type.

Depending on model they support…
LF: EM4102, HID, or…
HF: HID iClass, HID iClass SE, Mifare Classic, HID iClass seos, Mifare DESfire EV1, FIPS 201 PIV.

So you are going to have to scan a credential to see exactly what you are looking at.

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The ones at my job are HID Multiclass SE. My NExT works perfect with them

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Yesss!!! IM SO HAPPY :slight_smile: