Getting Iceman firmware on PM3 easy

I had a PM3 from DT seemingly running smoothly on proxspace with iceman’s firmware. I was in need of a new PM3 due to wear and tare and DT website had them on backorder. I ordered a PM3 on ebay thinking I got this far I can probably figure out how to load Iceman firmware on new PM3. Well here I am asking, can anyone help me load Iceman firmware onto new PM3. I have tried many times and failed. any advice or direction is greatly appreciated as I am antsy to get this new xEM going and am at a standstill or facing wasted money and more time that I don’t have either of :no_mouth:

Feel free to DM me if you want a hand. We can talk via whatever method works best for you (Discord, telegram, etc).

Troubleshooting things via the forum can get a little long-winded.


thank you. I got super frustrated and noticed that DT had them available again. Just ordered a new one from them, so as soon as it gets here I should be running smoothly again!