Glass apex implants?

Hey Folks,
I was wondering, are there any plans for xApex ?
Meaning apex in glass, like the spark implants.

I think that it’s in the works but don’t quote me on that. However, it might take a while for an Apex glassie to be released.

Now the needle for a flex in just 1mm bigger than the one for a 3mm glassie and the range of the implant will be significantly better.

I don’t have any flexes but I’m considering getting some as the range of my xDF2 isn’t great. But this is limited by the form factor, not the chip.


I am not afraid of needles, my concern is about how reactive the bio polimer is compared to glass.

Can you clarify what you mean by reactive!?

Does this post answer your questions?

@Pilgrimsmaster I know the pros and cons of flex vs X
Before registering i spent weeks reading the forum. I found one topic about some fella(I can search for it if you like), who has flex implanted and after two weeks he got some inflammation probably caused from immune reaction( or god knows what) then he had to remove the implant. This is not my major concern thou. Imagine I need to take a PET scan with radio active isotope contrast. This radio active sh** usually sticks to specific proteins. I have no idea if it would stick up to the bio polymer. Don’t get me wrong, I wont mind a glowing implant, just not the radio active one lol. I may be paranoid but you may never know what tomorrow may bring you(speaking of the pet scan; for the rec I had to get one last year). Therefore I was asking if there is a plan to have a xApex or ApeX, encapsulated in glass. In my understanding glass is less reactive substance(correct me if I am wrong) Thanks!

The polymer is extremely low reactivity with a ton of chemical compounds. Check the test page for lab results on the polymer.


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Thank you, Amal. I will have to research the ISO certification because on prima vista it doesn’t really ring any bells in my head. Appreciate your input, as always!

This might interest you. Partnered with DT.

Thanks for dusting off my topic. I know about this collaboration. Few months back I got Apex flex installed and I am extremely happy with the performance of the big antenna. It’s interesting why Amal decided to branch off this from Vivokey? Cybernetic app is 1:1 with Apex manager, and from what I am reading it most probably would use fidesmo as delivery pipeline

Might be a good post for dt club to talk through



the dude says hes the ceo, founder, and chairman of “apex wearables”? and the cofounder of vivokey? :thinking:

Yeah we were going to call the spinout company apex smartwear which changed to apex wearables but currently called cybernetic research inc.

Joe is a part equity holder in VivoKey.

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