Going Under The Knife - Anaesthetic

Well, Today we were granted something short of a magical today In Melbourne, Australia (at least in my eyes) We are now allowed to travel up to 25km from home (we have only been allowed 5km for the past few months) And some shops are able to open again! Meaning my favourite BodyMod Shop.

So I have booked in to get my Magic Flex implanted on the 25th of November! (floating date as my artist may need to change it depending on a few things)

Now in my excitement, I do what I always do and reread every single thing on the shop’s website about implants (I get excited and go over thing 100 times) and noticed the sentence “Local anaesthetic can be administered by a licensed medical practitioner”

So I now know Local anaesthetic is not included in the original price, and I was wondering how many people have had a flex implant done and if they Had/Didn’t have Anaesthetic. I’m used to needles (hell I’m used to getting 3 blood tests every weekday for 6 months) but I’m not sure about a scalpel to the hand. Should I fork out the extra for the Local? or just get a topical? (we have 5% numbing over the counter) or does topical do anything for these implants? Is it necessary or is it more of a luxury?

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I’m going to be booking in with your favourite studio soon, @vampire_blue - my flexNExT has been staring at me this whole time too!

I’m opting for the topical from Brisbane Compounding that Pilgrim linked to - 10% vs 5%, quality stuff!

Hey Hey! Paulus and Bella are amazing. The 10% looks promising, I just didn’t know if it would work for the pain coming from inside the hand XD

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@Mariarangok had her flexMT installed without anesthesia i know it wasn’t fun but it is possible.

@vampire_blue , 10% will bring you to haven, compared to implanting without anaesthetics. Speaking from experience. GET LIDOCAINE! If you get Emla, great!
With the Emla, the only thing is: read the label as you would and give it at least 2 hours.
My best experience was leaving it on for 3-3,5 hours.

Have fun with your new implant !! :hugs:

Answering your question about ‘Local’, the reason I would recommend it because it (if you get the right one) can reduce bleeding.

Edit: I noticed your question:

There is epinephrine in some of the lidocaines, that tightens the blood vessels (that’s why adrenaline make you pale). Injecting that to the incision side is generally a good idea. Thus ,the pocket ideally doesn’t bleed that much, except if you need to go over scar tissue, however, the incision does bleed. About a 1ml would be enough for a 5-6mm incision, but the topical cream will numb you down along the pocket. To be fair, you can do the FlexM1 without anything, but you don’t want that. If you can get Emla, go for it. If you can get a bit of lido injected to reduce the bleeding, go for that as well!

That’s not always a good one… My artist consciously goes without epi, because it might bleed less during the procedure (pro), but it will start to do so some time afterwards, after the suture is in (big con). He just lets it bleed a bit, then pushed the rest of the blood out and then closes up the incision. Made sense to me, to prevent a big hematoma the body has to get rid off again.

Ah, and about the “doing it without numbing”-stuff - I’d not recommend that :wink: @Mariarangok gets my biggest respect for going through this, and I know of one customer of my artist who decided to go without numbing as well, but this is usually not a good idea. It’s a lot of stress for the body :wink:

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right so for the 33mm diameter (I don’t think anyone has said it was a good idea to fold the implant) it would be 6ml? I know the doctor will make his own decisions just trying to do the math.

I agree! I had that. My flex went through scar, so it took ages to get the pocket done, and blood sharted out of my finger. Otherwise my skin is really thin and soft. In my case it works like a charm. for small incisions.

Second! It is not an experience you need. I tried it for you so I can say that!

Ahh, so you not getting FlexM1, but a circle. Don’t worry about quantities, I just said it because I found it interesting to note. If I knew you getting a bigass implant I would not even mention any numbers.

Ahhh haha thought it was weird you had done it in smaller numbers. Nah I have a “flexMT without the T5577 and an added extra blinkie to make it the same as the NExT LEDs” so i just call it a Magic Flex coz FlexM1 is allredy a whole different implant.

Due to the fact that an injected anaesthesia may very well cost more than the implant itself, i think i will go for the strongest topical i can find. 10% if I’m lucky and 5% if i’m not.

Thankyou for the help!

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Well, Stella’s point is going to be relevant here…

The best is to speak to the doctor to get advice. Treat us like we were interviewing you as friends to get the most relevant info for you.

Amal will advise you about bending the implants. see Rosco’s example about incision size.

You will be fine either way. Just give it +2 hours. For my skin, that is thin like paper 3-3,5 hours of 5% worked like magic!

Interesting point is Brisbane Compounding has put this into lido cream for others

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That is interesting, indeed. I heard about tatto to be numbed by spraying dental (10%, alcohol solution) lido into vaseline. It actually works. =)

I got 10% pure Russian-grade lidocaine injections 2 minutes before getting opened up and partially skinned for the doNExT. It literally acted that quick. I didn’t feel anything until my installer started carving under one spot that the lidocaine hadn’t touched too well. Never been so surprised by such a sharp pain in a long time.

Don’t skimp on the lidocaine, is my advice.

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Heh, I had a hand full of lido from my cosmetic surgeon… Fell asleep that evening feeling nothing.

Why on earth would anyone numb a tattoo?

It is not the needle, but that bloody burning sensation.
Interesting argument, however: wether you should take the pain or not.

@anon3825968, @fraggersparks, did you guys had topical + injection combined?
I’m wondering about a bigger implant to get at some point, so it’s for future reference.

My personal opinion on this is - if you can’t take the pain, you shouldn’t wear the adornment. Set aside things which are clearly surgery, splitting tongues, getting implants, this stuff. But a tattoo doesn’t really hurt that much (not only my opinion, but also that of some friends who are not into pain at all^^)… additionally, many anaesthetics can change the skin a bit, soften it, making it swell up a little, and this might lead to wonky tattoos and piercings.

For example, i am ‘others’

It wasn’t even something i asked for, they just offered when I told them what it was for!