Going Under The Knife - Anaesthetic

Certainly did for my payment conversion. I personally applied topical that morning, and the surgeon added injection during.

Just injection: 2 or 3 jabs, and off to work he went.

Off topic about pain:


I used to think that, nowadays you can convince me about numbing gels, also you can justify a good reason for taking the pain.
ORLAN has a well formulated thought about it, regarding her operation series in the '90s, especially Omnipresence (1993), where she takes morphine for the performance, and calls volunteer suffering an archaic christian tradition. She goes against those traditions, furthermore she encourages anaesthetics: "Viva epidural!"

I personally think: sometimes you can’t escape pain, and it’s better if you decide when and where to get it, and in what context.
Otherwise: FUCK PAIN!
…A 5quid gel I should not feel guilty about, neither a perhaps pricey injection of lido under my skin, nor numbing gel for tatts. I personally enjoy numbing gel for tattoos, it still hurts, but that burning sensation is really annoying, and no, pain doesn’t help me focusing.
Furthermore I started to hate the noise of tattoo machines, even rotary. Can’t stand it!
I admitted my sentimentality, so I’ll go with stick and poke next time. less blood, less pain, different style, but no, it is not possible to do anything with poke tattoo, so I have to choose wise.

Ahh :thinking: It seems like every case should be considered individually. The best might be to speak with an expert about the specific area I guess. Good topic though, we went around the question 360’. :+1:

Personally I feel this is one of those holier than thou attitudes seen too often in the body mod sphere, but I come from the biohack background where we do everything we can to make it easier.
I can however appreciate the technical issues that may occur (blurriness etc), and a lot of those in that sphere say tongues etc should be done without any pain management too.

Is that 5% in saline? I am not too sure, but as far as I remember that is the most hardcore you can get out of lido injected. Anything stronger will be morphine. Correct me if that’s wrong.
I remember buying 1200mg Burana over counter back in the days in Santaclausia.
Not anymore w/o prescription.

Hm… I understand that, if you do biohacking (which is usually closer to surgery than to “normal” bodymod), you do so for a certain purpose - to get some technical advantage, or whatever. I’m fine with numbing there, because it is more about the result than about the way there. I’m also the biggest pansy considering dentists, so I take everything I can to make this as painless as possible.

But for bodymods, there is more behind it - at least for me, for many I know, and especially for those cultures where much of it comes from. I don’t do it for the jewelry. I do it for the experience, and pain is an important part of that. In my opinion, if you take away the pain, you just reduce bodymods to fashion, in a way, and that is something that - again, in my opinion - does this no justice.
That might be why several “serious” bodymodders don’t like it when things get numbed - it is this “all about the results”-attitude, and that is so very different from where it all started, in a way.


Not sure what it was exactly, but it was 10% for sure. And boy did it work hard and fast.

Once I got something like that (10%) at the dentist…boy, that stuff knocked me out in a few minutes, that’s what I say I don’t remember exactly. But it was salty and bitter, so saline for sure.

Note: I was in so much pain she couldn’t touch me, despite the 10ml lido I got before. I don’t remember what it was, the 10% is my memory as well, but you can imagine all my muscles being flexed, and the other minute I am like cooked sphagetti.

Then they won’t get my business.

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Not talking about bodymod-artists here, more about their customers :wink:
And like I said, anything “surgical” gets nice and proper anaesthetics, and everyone’s fine with that.
It’s more about numbin things that are usually a lot less painfull than a sunburn or when you bump your foot on the doorframe or such.

Oh… sorry, I misunderstood.
Then to each his own. I’m averse to pain personally. I can control it if I must, but I will avoid it if I can.

Off about tattoo:


I hear your point, but I met a few (4) heavily tattood guys who tried numbing gels.
ALL of their response was: Always from now on. I’m No5.
But sure, some creams can make the skin look like a rasin, not worth risking a tattoo with them.
My advice would be for those who are interested:

  • Ask expert for advice. (I am not!) Get a proper product, test it a day before. If it seems ok, apply it as the package says, get your tattoo and tell me how it went.

Tim Cannon get the Motherboard installed without anything. I guess it was because of the cameras, and the legal situation combined.
The body going into shock is a likely risks. But I heard about ppl getting tongue splits without anaesthetics.
Some people do crazy stuff, huh?! :yum:

If you have the opportunity to get anesthetics and it is safe for you, my best advice is to go for it. You can do it without, as in its physically possible, it will make your artist have to work that much harder for it, I had some blood stopping topical on my arm for about an hour (epinephrine is my best guess) and it still bled A LOT. Plus there’s some squirming that will inevitably happen and it’s overall not a fun experience. I have a pretty freaking high pain tolerance but even for me it was a tough time. If anesthesia had been available in a not super illegal and risky way, and if I wasn’t resistant to it I would use it. So it’s definitely not a luxury. Feel free to DM if you have more questions about it.


Also the less pain you feel the lower your blood pressure and heart beat can stay, that helps pumping less juice out of you.
When my finger was done I had to turn away to keep chilled, so it was bleeding a bit- but noticeably less.

One guy even gave me a magnifier and his needles for me to inspect, so I am worried about them less. Sounds weird, but it actually works when you (not) think about it.

That’s a great point, I totally got queasy after 7 or 8 minutes, wouldn’t have lasted another 10 (luckily it was enough to get the pocket to the right size)I think the pain wasn’t making my blood pressure go up but down… I’m not sure about the biology on that but the cold sweat and clammy feeling felt like low BP to me.

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The feeling you describe is the body going into shock. Yes, that is indeed lowering BP.

Naaa… he had numbing but wasn’t allowed to say because it’s super illegal for mod artists in the usa to inject it.


That’s what is usually happening if cameras are present - including the instruction to make a slightly pain-distorted face :smile: