Good candidate for conversion? Methinks not - or perhaps yes :)

Let’s not be so sure until I’ve actually attempted it :slight_smile:

Ok ordered.

Incidentally, the PTA is incredible: bus drivers don’t take cash anymore (not sure why), and it takes 7 to 15 days (!) to get a replacement card. Meaning, if you lose your card - which happens - then for one to two weeks, you’re plain SOL to go to work or attend university if the bus is your only means of transportation. Really quite sloppy.

How do tourists use the transport system? is there an alternative for them?

Nope. Tourists have to order the card online before arriving, or go downtown to the city’s PTA branch and buy the card there.

Hint hint nudge nudge Batman313v if you haven’t bought yours already :slight_smile:

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Okay, got the new bus card, spent the money left on the old one. Now I just gotta find me some acetone.


Ok so we have all the important ingredients:

  • Acetone
  • A jar
  • An NFC travel card that desperately wants to be Amalized
  • A packet of Finnish beef jerky

In it goes:

And now after a hard day’s work, I can have me a piece of jerky :slight_smile:


Wow it’s going and it’s going fast. I can see the chip already. I think I see copper too, but I’m not sure:

Funny, it’s flaking off into small curly flakes.

The entire circuit is free. I’ll leave it some more so all the plastic is gone.

Now that the place reeks of acetone, there it is:

Closeup of the chip:


Amal, does this look convertible to you?

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Yeah but I need to know what kind of chip it is… any ideas on capacitance? Can you measure the inductance of the antenna (without chip)?

We have an inductance meter here but it dates back to the 19th century. I’ll try and measure it.

Any preference where I should cut one of the wires?

Or maybe I can desolder the chip, but I don’t know if you want it as-is for conversion.

I might have missed it but did you scan it with tag info that occasionally gives a capacitance reading (programmed by the manufacturer)

Lol, I honestly barely even smell it anymore

I/we use ungodly amounts of acetone at work

I think we churn thru a barrel every 2 weeks?

I personally use something like 12oz a day

I did and it says 17 pF. But

It measures at 50 μH. That’s almost an order of magnitude off if the meter is correct. That would place the actual capacitance at 2.8 pF instead of the 17 pF reported by the chip.

So Amal, does that inductance inspire you anything?

If you don’t have a ready-made antenna, here’s what I’m thinking: I could coil one myself and test-drive it for a while. If it works well, I could either send you the complete thing ready to be bio-gooped into an implant, or send you the antenna and the chip separately if you want to do your own soldering. Would it be an option? In which case, could you give me the inner dimensions of the coil inside a wedge implant?

Meh just send the chip and coil as is and I’ll test them :slight_smile:

Okay will do.

So how should I go about ordering a conversion job for this? Is it x number of Custom Flex Work items? In which case, what’s x? :slight_smile:

Sent - more “as-are” than as-is, as I separated the chip and the antenna to measure the latter.

heh no prob it should be fine

Do you dissolve the Jerky in acetone beforehand, or… :thinking:

Jokes aside, this process was well documented enough to be cloned into (or linked from) one of the wikis… not?