Good locks that are RFID or NFC?

My dad and I, both cyclists, are planning on getting NExTs soon. Does anyone know of any solid bike locks or padlocks that are compatible with either the low frequency or high frequency side of the NExT? Not a high-theft area, but still cable locks aren’t solid enough for our bikes. Also, a key backup would be preferable for if the battery dies.


I haven’t seen any decent bike lock with NFC or RFID. Not to mention, decent bike locks with regular locks are hard to come by to begin with, and when lock manufacturers make locks smart, they invariably also make them mechanically worse. I wouldn’t be too hopeful.

And particularly with your requirement that it should have a backup key: you can be 110% sure even the best smart lock will be equipped with the shittiest backup tubular lock the manufacturer will be able to source. I don’t know why, nobody bothers to make good locks when there’s "smart* in it.

Well actually I do know why: after they factor in the BOM for the smart bits, there’s no money left for a decent lock, and shiny sells better than safe…


Oh okay. I guess even no backup key would be fine if it has a easily accessible USB c to charge it

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