Goodbye Purewrist 🥲

Fs in the chat.

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ooooooo I’ve never heard of purewrist. Their band looks like it may be implantable with a little work :thinking:

Edit: I’m now realizing that their band is what’s getting discontinued


It was being implanted :smile: Walletmor in the U.S. is based on it and a few of us had conversions before that happened

So much for my plan to make a do a pure wrist conversion using a apex mega form factor :man_shrugging:t2:

Honestly I feel like pure wrist died a long time ago and was just contractually obligated to exist until all the cards they issued with the same expiration date expired

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Does anyone know what you can do now with the walletmore implant now that purewrist is gone, I just got mine a few months ago, I am new to biohacking is there a purewrist alternative? I am clueless on what to do now!!!

You can register the UID with compatible systems, or use it to trigger an action your (android, not sure about iphone)phone with apps like tasker


I am a ios person and I can’t even read it with NFC Tools, am I doing something wrong?

You already said it
“iOS Person” :wink:

did you also try TagInfo?

Using the top edge of your phone?

I used to read mine, iOS cas do it, but the orientation is opposite of x series so bear that in mind

Just to clarify incase your not aware, what Eriequiet is saying is; make sure you try to read parallel rather than perpendicular

sorry for not replying guys, I will try this and see if I can read the chip now that it is useless for payment such a bummer

It was always going to expire either way

Payment is a tricky subject and subject to “nothing ventured nothing gained”

the worst part is I only got it 3 months ago