Got chipped today

I just got the flexNeXT implanted on top of my left hand. I was asked not to film the procedure but I have a few pics. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be, although, seeing metal rods shoved in my hand was really weird.

My phone is a Galaxy S10 +, it seems to get decent range


A pity about the video restriction
Thanks for sharing the pics.
Install through knife edge, looks super tidy.

Is that your first implant?


That looks super clean!
Looks like your installer did a great job on the stitching.


That seems amazingly blood-free. Your installer must be pretty good.


Yes it is my first. Definitely not the last



The embodiment of “go hard or go home” :open_mouth:


giphy (27)


Well, you sure took the plunge for your first implant. If you get glass implants injected later, it’ll feel really boring :slight_smile:

Welcome to the club!


Welcome to the club :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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one hell of a first implant! Welcome to the rest of your implant obsessed life! :smiley:

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That looks great! Do you have any update pics? I want a FlexNExT on the back of my left hand, but I’m worried there may be a visible “bulge” as I am on the skinnier side in body type.

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Its been 11 days. I took my stitches out yesterday. Everything seems fine, except for the liquid that has built up in the pocket directly above the implant. I’m gonna throw on a pain patch later this evening and attempt to lance it. I just hope my body inst rejecting it. I will update later.

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That does not look good…
Try to keep the arm above heart level, as much as you can.

Okay, that is just my personal opinion, and I’m no medical pro - but do not do that! If you open it up, things can get in, and that usually makes everything a lot worse. Additionally, you’d have a wound directly over the implant - that’s something every installer tries to avoid. The swelling is definitely not in a “normal” range from my experience - I’d say, contact your installer, like, immediately. He might give better advice. But don’t poke around on that unless you really know what you’re doing.


Yeah, don’t lance it. That’s a recipe for introducing germs in there. Even simple blisters should not be lanced.

Try ibuprofene and compression bandage. Or go see a doc if you really want it drained. But for god’s sake don’t do it yourself.

I know Maria (flexMT) had some pretty significant swelling and it got worse and then better.


Its not swelling by the looks of it and is just fluid so no need to take anything unless its painful. Nice compression bandage and elevation would help out. Give it a day or so and it should start to go down if not then go chat with your installer.

I’m sure it was around 14-16 day she went to bed and in the morning most of the liquid was had been reabsorbed.

My installer said high doses of ibuprofene help reduce fluid buildup. Dunno if it’s true, but I trust he knows what he’s talking about. He mentioned 2 x 600mg per day.

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fair enough thats a new one on me but if it works it works.

Never heard it neither. But he’s been in this game for 2 1/2 decades, so he must know a thing or two :slight_smile:


Yep, Ibu helps against the swelling - mine recommended that too, and it helped. What helped most was keeping the arm elevated, but the ibu did something as well^^

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Swelling yes its an anti inflammatory but not for fluid build up, like i said not arguing it lol rosco posted as I was typing. Someone with that experience must know a thing or 2 but I’d never heard of it, everyday is a school day i will pop a note down for when I get my install.