Got my first Implant! At the same time as a drug bust

Fist time poster longtime lurker, finally decided to bite the bullet and make an account and a post.
I did a self install due to the pandemic and not wanting to travel and being confident in my understanding of the process and knowing I work well with blood. I’ll make a timeline because some interesting things happened.

9 pm I got home from work to see my package had arrived I quickly went inside to open it up as I was excited

10pm Shot my roommate a text about the implant and asking him to help hold my skin out of the way (he’s just a normal guy no experience in this field)

11pm After not getting a text back I decided that he would probably be home soon and sanitized my hand followed by putting the lidocaine cream I bought for this on a band aid an applying it to my left hand

12pm Finally got a text back asking if I wanted taco bell??? I said yes and asked if he was willing he was surprised it wasn’t a joke and invited his co worker to film it. I said yes and took off the lidocaine band aid to prepare.

12:30pm My roommate gets home and cleans up his room to prepare. The procedure went smoothly though the lidocaine didn’t seem to do much for anything other then the actual breaking of the skin. We clean up and I scarf down three burritos and his co worker leaves, we turn in for the night.

2am I wake up from my sleep after rolling over onto my hand and groan in pain because my god did that hurt (turns out my chapstick was under my hand and pressed it against my bone not fun) Start to fall back asleep but hear a siren?? that seems to be getting closer and closer? I get dressed as I hear the siren pull into the driveway that we share with our neighbors and look out the door. The police are busting down their door with their dogs sniffing around outside. Queue me asking what is happening and the police officer asking to look in my trash (turns out it was a drug bust and they wanted to make sure they got it all)

2:15pm I had to explain the purpose of the needles and blood stained gauze in my garbage can to the police which was very difficult in my tired state. They were really chill about it and asked a bunch of genuine questions to which I tried to answer.

Needless to say it was an interesting night and certainly one of the most eventful I have ever had


That is probably the most excitement I’ve heard around an install!
Hopefully you got some sleep after the fact lol


Yeah it was definitely exciting, and alas I got absolutely no sleep whatsoever after that I was too curious about why the cops were there. I only learned about the drugs after on the news.

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You probably win an award for most awkward install…


I mean this as someone who has a lot of friends that are cops,

If you aren’t detained, try not to talk to cops anymore then absolutely necessary

They are very good about being chill and letting hang yourself with conversations you didn’t HAVE to participate in

It’s literally their job to try to use your words against you



Yes this I am aware of, though I also knew one of the cops questioning me personally as they were a family friend so I wasn’t too worried about it but that is good advice

that’s exactly the point. they talk to you as they were family/friends so you get in a calm mode and say things they need for the investigation.

thanks for sharing the story :smiley:

Excitement? That situation didn’t sound exiting at all. That’s when you know that you need new neighbors… Yikes!

Ok, we should probably focus on the welcome gifs instead…

tenor (41)

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When compared to a calm night’s sleep I would have to consider a drug bust “being in a state of increased activity or agitation” :grin:

That I can agree with!



Should we make a thread? I feel like we should make a thread l and just quote them at new arrivals


Nah, it’s more natural this way.


Ah I wasn’t clear I mean the police officer asking me was literally a friend of my family like he was at our thanksgiving dinner

He’s just lulling you into a false sense of security, it’s a trap :joy:


Is no one going to ask what kind of implant? Maybe it is somewhere in the thread and I missed it?

According to his forum profile, it’s a NExT.

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Yes sir it’s a NeXt

Hello, new here actually looking for someone to do an implatantion for me I live in PENNSYLVANIA. I am interested in getting chipped. I will do it myself if I have to but would rather get it done by someone experienced. If anybody knows ANYONE around the 19335 area that would be great!

The partners map includes John Ross at Mean Street Tattoos.

I don’t know how close that is to you, but it is an option.

A closer option might actually be Ink envy in Delaware.

Check the Partners map out for details


Awesome, I’m going to try and contact them.
Also, while I have you here. What chip would be good to unlock doors, car, and make payments? I have read a few different articles and on the DT WEBSITE but I’m still confused because I know there are different chips and it varies.

Thanks so much!

For payments you would have to have a payment conversion at the moment. The new Vivokey Apex would have the capability but it won’t be turned on initially due to the policies of the payment processors.

Probably the best all around chip would be the NeXT as it contains a LF and an HF chip.