Got NeXT 3 weeks ago, LF is dead. Options?

For a period of time? No. Briefly while setting a device on one? Possible.

It kinda sounds like somehow the chip stopped working. Hit the orange :help: button on our website and submit this forum thread along with a warranty request with name, email, address, and phone number.

I am 2 days short of 5 weeks post install. The PM3 finally read and programmed the LF side this afternoon.

I am yet to try it on the door reader as am off sick from work but fingers crossed.

My first NeXT was in my left hand and readable in just under 2 weeks. Basically I am living proof we all heal differently…even in the same body!

Patience has paid off :slight_smile:


For what it’s worth, I have one of the coil mods @XEMON is making, and it makes a dramatic difference


Took a looong time for mine to read too and strangely the proxLF antenna which is supposed to work especially well for implants didn’t read it at all :man_shrugging:t2:

I’ve had my now ‘old’ xEM for like 9 years now and can never get my pm3 to read the thing. I’ve stopped really trying. I don’t have anything that uses it so it’s just sitting never used 9 years later in my hand. Maybe I’d find a reason to use it if I could read it but those small antenna are hard to use!

I think I read that the LF attachment for the full proxmark3 was a bit lacking in effect for some reason

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Done. Still not responding as of tonight.

Unfortunately sounds like it’s dead. We definitely want it back for inspection. We will send a replacement. Please reply to the open support ticket with your current shipping address and phone number so we can ship you a replacement.

How can one get in possession of said coil mod?

@XEMON your people need you

Unless it’s not the easy version

I did not find anybody to suggest: or didn’t see
For the proxmark
lf tune --mix
Watch the bar or the value to see when is at the lowest, that should be when the coil sinks the most power so the best coupleing.
Then try something like
T55 wipe
Or t55 wipe -p 00000000
Or even an em 410 clone -id 12345678


I need to get a minute to order a few of the new rev of boards and some components. I have the rest to make a few for a first run … We can go from there :+1:


I used it this past weekend and was able to clone a few peoples credentials for them 10-20 minutes after install… imagine doing that with a stock antenna

Wow :flushed:
I didn’t imagine it would work so fast …

Please let me know when you are ready for an order. I would absolutely love one

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I’ll just drop this here

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If there isn’t any objections I’ll post here …
I need to send a message to @amal & @Pilgrimsmaster to see if they’re ok with it.


That’s an Amal thing, I can’t answer for him, but pretty sure from his track record, I don’t think he will have an issue with it.

I would suggest you start a thread for it in the #lounge

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OK, so after a long time with the replacement implant sitting on my desk, I think I have finally found a professional who will install it. The question then becomes: How do I get the defective one removed to send it back? I’m going to have the replacement implanted on the other hand.

I should note that I’ve tried periodically to read both sides and while the HF still responds, the LF is still undetectable. The implant appears to have settled only 2 mm from my thumb bone (measured with a caliper) , and I wonder if that could be affecting anything or will impact removal.