Handy Dandy Tips and Tricks

I thought it might be Handy Dandy to have a place for those little tips and tricks that may not be common knowledge.

Things that make our implanted life just a little easier

I would ask that people don’t ask questions in this thread

Just read or post your Tips and Tricks and move on…

I’ll let it fill up a bit and then probably seperate it up into a “Proxmark Tips and tricks” Thread and “Other Tips and tricks”


Proxmark add a delay to Proxmark3 commands


add a delay to Proxmark3 commands for implantees

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Proxmark issue several commands


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ProxMark ERROR

plugged in on the short side of the device orange and green lights stay lit until after the error message comes up

Orange and green… might be something with the bootloader. Unplug… hold button in and plug in… keep holding the button… after com port shows up, fun pm3-flash-all and let it update again. After it’s finished updating it will reboot… keep holding the button until you get the rainbow flashy LEDs that indicate headless operation, then unplug… wait… plug back in and use normally

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Write NDEF to Mifare Classic

Smallified so you dont have to scroll as far when browsing this thread

This may not work on all phones, but from testing Samsung Androids I have had success.

I am unsure if it works on iPhones

Open NXP TagWriter

you can skip the first two steps if you want

Try to read your Magic Mifare 1k

It will prompt to format

Do this

Then This

If you get this…

you can then write something like this

Now you can Rick Roll people with your Mifare Classic implants also


Boring data sheet reference



Google authentication with Spark2


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DT Forum App

If you want a cleaner and better forum browsing experience but you dismissed the option when you first visited the forum, simply clear your cookies, log back in and follow the prompts

Screenshot_20211028-224253_One UI Home


PROXMARK Remove Blue Cloner Password

There are a couple of approaches to this, but for simplicity sake, I will post the one I THINK is the easiest

Wipe the implant / fob / card back to T5577 using the password, something like this:-

lf t5 wipe --p 51243648

Then write the new mode to it as per Proxmark instructions ( Found elsewhere )

Thanks @TomHarkness for the Blue Cloner Password

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Use the KBR1 with Windows a bit more seamlessly

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.pdf Repository

Kinda speaks for itself…Just a link to the thread