Have an XEM implant do I need to activate it?

Am I missing something? I have a safe that runs on 125khz and it won’t even recognize the tag. I have tried my hand in all sorts of orientations but nothing has worked so far.

Some antennas just don’t couple well to a glass implant. Might think about picking up a LF xLED which will give you a definitive idea what the best location and orientation for coupling is.

What safe is it? Have you already cloned the tag from an existing card? Do you know for sure it doesn’t beep when it reads an unauthorized card?

What kind of safe do you have?
I have the Quick Vent Safe and I cloned the card to the xEM. The safe doesn’t respond to the Diagnostic card - I was really surprised, that the card didn’t light up.

Well the reader I am using must be very particular. I finally got it to work if I hold my hand just so.

Yeah, the antenna in the Quick Vent Safe is quite small, and to get enough inductance in the diag card we had to make a huge trace coil… so huge it really does require quite a large field to collect enough energy to light the LED… if you really want to check compatibility with implants, we suggest getting both types of xLED