Hello all! Spare a hand?

Just in case you’ve missed it on twitter,

Im interested in hearing from early-adopters of tech (thats you!),
if you’re a biohacker and spare 15min, please do fill out this survey and help me uncover how awesome you are!

Once again thank you in advance! Ill be at the BDYHAX conference this year so do come find me!!

Fill out survey here!

I will also post this to the RFID group on facebook. Any chance at getting a peek at the anonymized data?

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nevermind… you already did that :slight_smile:

Happy to share results! Help me distribute it and of course dont forget to fill it in, if you spare 15 min! :smiley:

You want responses from people who have implants but didn’t visit bdyhax too?

The original post was from 11 months ago in January, and Yes she did want responses from non-atendees…

Filled, you’re welcome!