Hello, brief introduction/ questions/ thanks

Hello friends, I am brand new to the forum/ dangerous life, my name is Pace, I’m 27 from Canada, long time body modifier (tattoos, piercings, diamonds in my teeth)and I am absolutely fascinated by the implantable products, aswell, I am looking forward to meeting some new people and being part of such an active group of something extraordinary!! :grinning::grinning::grinning:

A few questions, I have been using crypto for a while in the form of buying and selling crypto currencies for a profit, I have VPN scramblers and hidden wallets galore but I figured I would use this opportunity to ask you guys what implants or non-implants you prefer! Aswell as your preferred code applications for the program of dangerous things and everything else!! the type of crypto/wallets that have been working the best for you. And what products you think I should purchase from a beginner standpoint but eager to learn, I would like multiple implantable items with the largest range of capabilities, I have spent some time looking at the options but find myself indecisive hoping for an expert opinion.

Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction, its a pleasure to meet you and fantastic being able to post so freely, I am looking forward to reading all and any responses to my post, I appreciate you!!!

Edit- if I am posting in the wrong section I apologize and please correct me!


Hey @blacksheepbiohacks welcome to the forum!

Normally the first implant people suggest is a NExT because it’s easy, and it has two chips in one. For your case though I would say definitely do your homework before buying anything. Since you’re a body mod artist the flex implants might not be as tough for you to get in as some, and they have much better read range than the glass x-series.

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A couple more note…

Flex can be installed with our custom needle…

Crypto stuff will definitely require something like the VivoKey Apex

… but it’s not out yet… soon though.

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In the meantime

Something for you to read.

The search function on this forum is pretty good.
So try some simple searches like
Cold storage

You will have to filter through some posts but you should find some hidden gems of info

Happy reading.

Just ask if you need more info

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Thank you, happy to be here! 2 for 1 deal huh sounds like a win, I have a lot more reading for sure. Thank you for the reply!

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