Hello, Friends :)

Hello Friends :slight_smile:
Firstly wanted to say hiii - my chips are coming in the mail and I hope to be a fellow terminator in the next couple of weeks :slight_smile:
Wondering if anyone has had success/trouble with implants in the blade part of their hands, or indeed, the fleshy part between your 4th and 5th fingers on the top of your hand. Both of the standard spots are going to be full so I thought I’d throw the mifare in there.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:



Terminator cool, you got the funny shapped one that goes in your head? Let me know how that goes.

Serious note what did you go for?

I’ve got a siid in l2 I think your talking about l3/r3? In which case I see no issues as there are plenty of people with them in-between the fingers.


hey @Devilclarke - I went for the ultimate kit that has the NExT, xM1 and Spark 2. Yeah, I’m thinking about r3 but also on the blade edge of my right hand as another possible spot. I think it would be easier for desk readers and wall readers so I don’t have to contort my hand as much :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Yeah you would be right on the positioning, that’s a nice kit to start with you got plans for them all?

As for the blade alot of people use it for the flex series so an xseries really shouldn’t be an issue.

@Devilclarke - one day I’ll be brave enough for a flex but not yet :slight_smile:

I really like the the idea behind the Spark - I think it’s really cool. I’ll be using them for a mix of things, building access, logging in to my PC ect. I’m also thinking about linking to an animated business card on my company’s website that covers my whole team. I work in a cyber security firm and we’re all getting animated avatars so I think that’s project one :slight_smile:
I convinced my team of 3 to get them as well :slight_smile:

What are you using yours for? :slight_smile:

At the moment not an awful lot :sweat_smile: im playing with my xSIID as a project for “secure” login not just a UID, me and @leumas95 were playing with getting sector 2 writable which we can with nfc shell and still trying to figure out how to read longer ndef from phone (no app).

My xEM type tag was access/ignition for my motorcycle until I got rid of it and will at some point be used with my car. Although after seeing my UID is strange I may replace the xEM…


@Devilclarke a lot of those words are not yet in my vocabulary, but I gather you’re on a continuing journey that sounds fun :slight_smile: I’m suuuuper keen to get my motorcycle running using one of my chips, if possible also playing an R2D2 sound when the scan is successful… :slight_smile:

Huh? What does this mean?

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UID was 0000003A, valid em4100 but strange as I’m sure it was different. This isn’t a t5577 its an em4100 chip :thinking:




I quit asking questions, I end up like this. tenor (19)


Yeah believe it or not… but really wierd because I’m almost 100% sure that wasn’t that but using the pm3 easy thats what it reports.

Don’t ever do that, thats how we learn!

The UID is “valid” I.e. it conforms to the standard however it is incredibly unlikely to get a tag with the UID mine is reporting.

TBH its probably worth asking @amal if the xEM (the very early ones) I think you said where EM41xx non changeable is that correct?

If so did you ever see them report a UID like this?

I got this implant around 8 years ago, im pretty sure it wasnt from DT at the time because im not even sure if you where selling them then.

I’m kind of drawn to whether I should pull it and replace with an xEM.

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If it’s a T55xx, the ID was programmed in at the same time the chip was programmed to act as a EM410x. If you don’t like it, reprogram it :slight_smile:

If it’s a genuine EM - which is unlikely - well what does it matter: a number’s a number. As long as the unlikely number of zeros isn’t a symptom of the chip going bad, and it consistently reads out that value, I don’t see the problem.

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Yeah it’s a T5577… like… only the very first batch of the first xEM where real EM chips… and that’s a small number of units… can’t even remember now but it was like maybe 50 tops. The rest were T5577 and the IDs were programmed serially… meaning there’s an xEM that came with 0000000001 out there… now we don’t do that but the early ones that were T5577 we did, fully expecting them to be overwritten.