Help appreciated

So I am very new to the idea of bio hacking. I find it extremely interesting and have come up with what I hope would be a somewhat simple project to get into.

I am an avid marksman. And I have three different gun safes. I would love to be able to use an implantable micro RFID Chip to access all three of my safes.

Possibly even gain access to my house or car in addition in the future.

My goal is to use only one chip. Otherwise it seems kind of ridiculous to have multiple implants. One concern of mine is durability. The recoil on some of my rifles are high but nothing out of the ordinary. I’m not shooting a bolt action .50 or anything.

Like I said, I am very new to this field but not computers as a whole. So I am sure I could manage to get everything set up on the back end. Just need some advice.
Thanks again

Testing on things such a recoil and impact has been done and documented here: Tests we've performed on our x-series tags

I shoot handguns monthly without issues.

There are some gun safes, though I can’t say I know of any off hand. Try this

This item works with the xEM so you could make your own lock box.

I used it on a vehicle lock box that mounts under my seat.

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Durability on the x series is pretty solid. I’ve done all manner of dumb stuff with mine and not had issues. Only thing is don’t shoot at all for a month or so after getting it because your body is still processing it (pun intended) and locking it in place with collagen. Shooting could knock it around and it’s best to not mess with it for a month to make sure it’s solid.

Unfortunately I can’t help you regarding safes, I’m not a gun guy but wish I were