Help biohack a scuba diver?

Hi all!
I’m a professional, full-time scuba diver at an aquarium. My work uses the HID ProxKeys to access doors, which is fine and dandy, but rather inconvenient to have to remember to carry a tag around. I currently have my tag mounted to my apple watch strap which is amazing for dry land, but I can’t take the watch diving.
I’m a little scared to go straight into an implant - I’m deathly afraid of needles as-is, I don’t think I could handle the install.
I was thinking about a wearable, maybe a ring? My only hangups were that I was having trouble finding something durable, hardy, and waterproof. If something breaks underwater, it’s really, really bad. I was hoping to consult the forum for some help!
First time here, forgive me if my terminology isn’t right or something. Please educate, don’t demean. :slight_smile:


I was in the same boat when I got mine, I absolutely hate needles, but the technology was cool enough I knew I had to have at least one. After the fact I have to say it’s not as bad as I expected, and totally worth it, enough that I plan to get more, despite hating needles.

My piercer was pretty cool and talked and walked me through the procedure until I was calm and comfortable, which was 99% of the appointment, 5 minutes later after what was more of a weird feeling than painful and I left extremely happy


Also, welcome!

And now I’m wondering how glass implants hold up to high pressures, like underwater. I imagine they’d be fine, but I wonder if it’s been tested

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Given the tests that they have performed I think it is fair to say that they will survive extreme depths.

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Just a thought,

Could you just wear a blindfold / mask during the install?

Without looking you wouldn’t know it’s a needle per se, just a really sharp pinching sensation

Obviously you “know”, but maybe some element of lying to yourself lol

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I’ve heard from other members who dive that the implants hold up, even one person at 300’ depth. So no concerns for the implants. I’m not sure if the NFC ring is waterproof though.


The rings have been tested by Amal for waterproofness.

Are the tag rings waterproof?

My dual frequency ring stays on while I go swimming, wash dishes, take a shower… Etc

No problems so far.


That’s good to know!


As you dive, you know the physics…all I need to tell you is, the xSeries (xEM or NExT for your use case) are resin filled ie. No air cavity.

I have done a few 50m dives in a Chamber and many dives to 30m on Wrecks and just over one thousand around 12-15 metres.

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kinda de-rail, kinda not; since the question has been answered

You have probably already seen it, but for anybody that hasn’t, and whether you dive or not, The documentary " Last Breath " on Netflix is a fantastic, edge of your seat watch, and a very well made documentary.

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I’ve got no doubts an implant would last and be fine underwater - the most I reach at work is 1 atmosphere of pressure (the same pressure being exerted here on land).

Of course, I do dive on vacation where I can reach up to 4atm of pressure, but that’s neither here nor there. I have no qualms with the implant durability. It just feels incredibly…permanent. And maybe too much for a job I don’t anticipate doing for forever. Also maybe kind of weird socially/stigmatically? Like “you got chipped…to open doors at work?”

I think overall, the idea of an implant is very cool and I admire the people braver than me who get one…I’m just not sure it’s the right one for me! Who knows, I may get a ring and suddenly want more.

I’m going to look into @Zwack reccommendation for the ring.
Also @Pilgrimsmaster - seen that one. If you want a rec from me, “The Rescue” on Disney+ is about the Thai Cave rescue in 2018

edit: so I’m looking into this more and I realize that I haven’t taken computer science since high school. Like, I literally have no idea what the tutorial for the Proxmark easy even says. Is it common for newbies to like possibly travel to “senior” biohackers who have all the tools and smarts, or is it more of a DIY community?


Removing a chip is jokingly easy. And most people around here tend to get RFID locks for their homes, and/or find other personal uses for the implants.

I doubt that a small bump in your hand would create social problems; It’s unlikely for other people to notice an implant unless you show them or they see you using it.

Implants are not for everyone, even when they do have some advantages over wearables and some of us like them a lot. As a matter of fact, @Zwack doesn’t have any.


there are some good nfc/rfid silicon bands you could wear around your wrist.

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It is much harder to understand without one infront of you, so don’t beat yourself up.

Have a look at this guide, It is just a thinned out version of what you have seen.
It may still not make sense, but hopefully not as overwhelming

Yep, What city are you located in, we may have somebody that we can hook you up with…

Either ring should work, but only this one is currently in stock

Yeah, watched it.
Not bad either

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As @enginerd pointed out I currently have no implants. I do however do computer things for a living and like playing with the tech. In my case I would have to travel to get the implants that I would like, and at the moment that is not possible.

As @Pilgrimsmaster said it is possible that there is someone near you who could help.


I was just going through an old SD card, and it was taken a number of years ago at a depth of 33m.

Thought I should share it whilst I have it “handy”


I only had a NExT and Spark at that stage, but I can tell you, they still work to this day


I can confirm the next handle scuba just fine :+1:


apex as well, I’ve done around 20 dives since install no issues