Help identifying this

You can find really large animal tags:

If it wasn’t unknow Chinese junk and probably rather dangerously fragile, I would implant one, out of sheer curiosity :slight_smile:

It’s the same chip as my LF IAR, which is one size down (3x15 or something) and looked exactly the same before I got it implanted, so I’m fairly sure IAR sold me that thing. Had I known beforehand, I wouldn’t have implanted it. Still, now it’s in my hand and properly bio-bonded, so I might as well report that it has amazing performances, works with 125 kHz EM-enabled readers, and I’m still alive.

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For some weird reason I only came across with the 1.25 and the 2.1mm chips.
TBH my google search results are :poop:
Sometimes I feel they try
to :brain:

or at least that the algorithm was written to dummys.

Or I just didn’t look carefully enough!!!

I’m actually after the xSIID led+nfc for one hand and another one for the other, but I’m not sure on what I want to get… I’m not sure, but I probably will wait until that Apex everyone is talking about, I’m looking for info but I haven’t got any luck yet. I’m getting used to the forum and I haven’t made any real effort yet :joy:

I did check and I think it actually is more expensive than ordering directly from DT… So I will definitely go to a KSEC recommended installer, but I will get my stuff directly from DT.

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SOON™ :wink:, There are no firm dates but it is getting closer to release every day.

The form factor will be at least a flex as shown in the link below, Called Vivokey Apex Flex but also in the Glass capsule form factor called Vivokey Apex Max ( exact same capability, just less read range as expected in a glass capsule )

The forum has a bunch of information on it, and the search function works well.

Anything you cant find, just ask :+1:

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That’s a rather jesuitic statement. It’s still factually correct even if it’s released in 30 years.

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Just like Christmas

It was a purposely chosen statement :+1:

Well… If covid restrictions doesn’t go away in Scotland I might as well have 30 years until the parlour opens again :sweat_smile:

Was it Nicci or Helen you spoke with?

KSEC orders take about 2-3 weeks to get to me.
DT orders got here 48 hours after being shipped.

Surprised me.

Judging by Location + DT partner map… If it’s Nicci she spoke to… Nicci is one of the best artists in UK. Funded UK’s version of APP, etc… But she does dabble in a shitload of random brands for implants. Some surprisingly good though!


I think it was Nicci. She gave very good impression, so I actually saw a good idea going to Newcastle upon Tyme to get it done, and so I can check out the place too and get out of the isolation of the Highlands for a bit.

48 hours!? With the regular shipping or the other? I plan to spend around $300 on implants in DT and express shipping was $90, then a free option of regular shipping. That is about £220. KSEC, using cyborg building tool went to £250 same order. Without counting installation fee, which Nicci said was only £20. KSEC partner parlours charge £60, £50 if you pay through the KSEC website. Yeah, I will spend the difference in gas, but I don’t care, I prefer that to the nasty Glasgow :joy: I will go to Glasgow only if by the time I get tired of waiting the covid thing prevents me from getting to Newcastle.

I reached out to nxp, and they sent me a form to fill out if I want some chips to trial and stuff. I would pretty much be lying about it all though, and I am unsure how I feel about that. I would also have to convince Amal to let me send him said chips, and make it into an implant.

Can’t wait though. Need some good news.

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Yep, that’s Nici.
She’s the most acknowledged artist I found here.

Tried to get my last flex done with her, but since Dr Evil, she stopped doing flex stuff. Actually… everyone stopped. (in UK)
So did it myself. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would still do needle installs with her, wouldn’t it be easier to do myself as well.
That said… feel like I got to add this bit: don’t try to do installs yourself unless you happen to know exactly what you’re doing, or ran out of options and know what you’re doing.

Still have a Daith to be done with her which kept being cancelled for lockdown reasons, though…

With the “I spent more than 100” free shipping one.
Some things about @amal’s business just hit right there for me!! (on a good “there”)… Like his delivery, prompt response to us on the forum, and transparency!

Can almost feel the love there!! :laughing:

I bet you would find other alternatives before having to resort to Glasgow! :wink:

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Mr Evil? Not familiar with that.

I don’t think I would install it by myself, specially the first ones hahaha I prefer to wait and have it done by someone with experience. And since both implants I want to get are x series… No problem there.
I’m waiting on the Apex but that might as well be my third or fourth implant hahaha.

The shop honestly looks very good, and the feeling you get from it, all the info and recourses… For someone new in it like me this is life saving. Its like Google doesn’t want me to know about this so no decent information comes up unless I come to this forum. :ok_hand:t3:

You’ll find relevant articles if you put “nipple removal” in google.

Oooh, Daith is fun! Got two of them, mostly because my piercer loves doing them :smile: But I love them as well - but to be honest, were two of my more painful piercings :wink:

Happened in 2019, fucked the whole body art scene in UK.
here’s a good article about it.


That is true!

I reached out to every shop in UK within DT’s partner list. Just out of curiosity.
Nici was by far the best one I spoke to.

Some others were just sad and misinforming though. Glad you landed there!

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Shite that’s fucked up. I’ve seen the photos and to be honest that is a good quality ear removal :joy:.
So sad this happened. To be honest I haven’t visited any body mod forward country yet. In Spain they won’t go beyond piercing, tattoo, and to my knowledge, any of the piercers and tattoo artists do this kind of implants. And I’m talking about Barcelona. They do good silicone implants, tonge splits and scarification, but nothing beyond that (that I’m aware of).
If anyone knows of good studios in Barcelona that have experience and knowledge about biochip implantations please let me know. I go there once a year…

Come to Germany :wink:
I’ve got a competent bodmod artist here who is fine with some more experimental stuff and does implants, tongue splits and scarifications regularly :wink:

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I’m actually planning on visiting Germany next autumn, so might take your word on that :joy:

Just be careful not to get slapped with any duties or other charges. Last time I ordered something from North America I payed the price of the item again in duties (import tax, tariff, and a DHL surcharge for handling customs). On such a small order (volumetrically speaking) the you could slip through the cracks tho.