Help looking for a tag

That’s the tag I want to clone, I dont have any physical access atm but can anyone offer advice.

From some quick searching it seems there just EM4200 chips, if so any t5577 tag should be fine for cloning it, assuming you have something capable of cloning it. Here is some extra info on cloning to t5577 chips. Here is an Implantable t557 sold by DT.
I don’t think DT sells the cards or fobs if that’s what you are after but if I type ‘t5577’ into Google there are plenty of places to get them, I usually get them from Amazon personally.

If you don’t have anything to clone it I highly recommend the Proxmark3 if you have any intention of working with other tags and are at least somewhat tech savvy.
Otherwise if you just want to clone that card (and cards like it) with minimal fuss, then this should do:

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I had a feeling, that’s cool I got an xEM so I’ll find out in a week or so :slight_smile: