Help me decide!

So I just received my 2 implants today. I got the xSIID and the Xg3 v2. Now I need help deciding which hand to put each of them in. I’m right hand dominant and I’d like to place them between the thumb/index of each hand, but I can’t decide which one should go in which hand…could u guys help me with that? I feel like there’s some things I’m not considering that ppl who have had them for a while, will.

Also, what’s the discord? I’d like to join that :grin:

Not YOUR specific use case / implants, but maybe some things to consider


Planning is an important part of the process to make the best decision about YOUR specific use case scenarios,This will dictate WHERE you should implant.

Here is a use case scenario for somebody that purchased an Ultimate upgrade kit
MAX bundle:-
Spark 2
with the following requirements.

  • Wants to access work doors and parking garage barrier arms ( using lf NExT - xEM)
  • Wants to share contact info with business associates (NExT - xNT)
  • Wants to show off glowing LED when scanned (xLED)
  • Wants to have a secure digital identity profile and be future-ready ( Vivokey ) plus access to house door lock with a compatible reader ( this can also be done with the NExT - xNT)
  • Wants to tinker on projects using an xEM controller ( using lf NExT - xEM)

For THIS scenario, my suggestion would be:-
In the webbing between thumb and forefinger ( Easiest to implant and pretty easy to use )
Now you need to decide what goes where; This depends on how you plan to use them!
The NExT will PROBABLY be the implant you use the most,
The (2 in 1 Chip) 2 x parts being:-
The xNT 13.56 MHz HF side - it will be the one use will use your phone ( or others ) to read and POSSIBLY for access, Work / home door etc.
The xEM 125 kHz LF side - will be the one you PROBABLY use for access, Work / home and projects etc.
Consider - How and where you will use this! ( The example I have given before was, if you are Right-handed like 90% of people and drive on the Right-hand side of the road like 66% of the world population, I would recommend the NExt into left hand - because your phone in the right hand :selfie: to scan the left hand, If you sit on left side of car to reach out window for work garage door swipe systems, barrier arms etc…)
IF you put your SPARK 2 in your left hand also, you will likely get crosstalk / confliction (they are the same frequency 13.56MHz, so when trying to read one it may read the other :recycle:) SO I would suggest you put the SPARK 2 in the opposite hand, Right in this scenario.
The xLED is also the same frequency as the Spark 2 and xNT (13.56MHz), however, you MAY / PROBABLY want it to energise / light up when you scan, either your NExT or SPARK 2, so now you have 3 choices:-
And this depends on when you want to “LIGHT IT UP”

Put it next to NExT :bulb: ( give at least 5 mm spacing between implants )
Put it next to SPARK 2 :bulb: ( give at least 5 mm spacing between implants )
Put it somewhere else :bulb: ( there are many places, some more practical than others )
The choice is, of course, YOURS, and these are just MY suggestions.

  • As mentioned above you need to be aware of CROSS TALK where to devices of the same frequency cause a conflict ( actually tries to read the “Wrong” device ) when trying to be read.
  • Implants should be AT LEAST 5mm apart, to reduce the chance of Cross Talk and also breakage if they were to impact against each other