Help me select correct implant

Hi. I am currently looking for first implant and it seems like there is many choices but they have different use cases. I am interested about xSIID because led. But what I exactly can do with it? I would get implant for copying cards and replacing passwords. Also implant needs to be small because here is no professionals near me

When you say passwords, what do you want to input passwords into and with what level of security?

If what you have in mind is logging into your personal computer without any particularly stringent security requirements, any old DT implant will do the job with a cheap reader to go with it.

If you have higher security requirements, and/or you want to do proper cryptography, then… it depends on your exact project.

For other use cases, again it depends on what you want to do exactly. The type of implant is part of a technical solution to your particular problem, and therefore should be determined as part of the project, if what you want to achieve isn’t the generic NDEF contact sharing or dumb UID-based lock or login applications.

I meant like replacing password on services like Google but I don’t know if it’s possible. I read something about vivokey and authentication with it but still some stuff are bit unclear. Can I use spark 2 to replace password or use with somekind of authenticator?

You can use the Spark to make a Google account you can use for “Sign in with Google” using the Spark, but it’s gonna be a bit of work and money on your side.

Or you just use a KBR1 with an xSIID or whatever and always type a small password per website then scan the KBR1 so you have a longer password typed out.

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Hmm that spark login thing sounds interesting but too hard for me… What about xm1? What are benefits of that fully writable tag?

Most people I’ve seen on here (Including Myself) start out with the NExT.

The NExT has two chips built in.

The NTAG216 13.56MHz NFC chip and the T5577 125kHz chip.

The T5577 allows you to copy most Low Frequency ID door access badges but not all of them. It a very good chip, and the reason I decided to get my implant.

The NTAG216 is a High frequency 13.57MHZ NFC chip. This allows you to write NFC tags to your implant, but it lacks in where more “security” is needed. This is where the XM1 and the spark come in.

The xM1 allows you to write to sector 0. On the next this is locked. The XM1 allow you to write to sector 0 and change the serial number on the chip. This is good for cloning some HF cards.

The spark is a cryptographic chip which is good for secure applications but I’m not familiar with Vivokey and what it can do.

I use NFC Tools Pro and Tasker for My NExT and have it set up to turn on and off my flash light on my phone currently. However, there are a lot of different things to do with it. Including storing raw text if you wanted to store you password unsecured.


Ok seems good. So if I can write to sector 0 to xm1 does it mean more compatibility when cloning tags?

Yes but the xm1 ONLY works on High frequency readers.

I believe that low frequency RFID chips are more common on systems that you would want to clone a card for, Ie door access badges, hotel key cards etc… and for this you would want the T5577 chip that is on the NExT.

Each system is different and may require a different chip. However, I believe that the NExT is the most versatile. Then you start to get into your specialized chips

What are you looking specifically to do with it. Get into work or school? Link to a website etc…

Well I guess I’ll look for next first because those 2 frequencies. There is so much use cases but I guess next is good starting point based off your points. I will order implant at new year so I have time to think and compare but it sounds nice and isn’t too expensive. Thanks for explaining these things🙂

Should be said the xM1 cannot be read on iOS devices I think it’s a hardware limitation or licensing?

Edit: Works on android?

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I impulsively bought my NExT less than 24 hours after learning about Dangerous Things!

I am currently on day 10 of being a Cyborg…

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I order as soon as I get more money. I am student. Otherwise I would have done same thing as you😂

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I didn’t know that but will have to remember that.
I am thinking about getting a FlexMT because the readers on one of the buildings I work at is very weak and doesn’t work AT ALL with my NExT.

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Aah yes: you’re at the stage where you start feeling the elation after being exposed to the intense radiation of the DT mind control field 24/7 for a few days, but not quite at the dribbling stage yet.

Good times. I remember. Barely…


You remember what he wants you to


There, FTFY.

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So, where about in Finland are you?

We have at least two other people in Finland and perhaps they could suggest a professional. @Rosco and @shadowtux

I know. I’m in northern-Savo so too long distance for me

To implant “simple” glassies, any tattoo artist with two hands and a working brain can do the job. Or if you really can’t find anybody and you’re willing to drive to Oulu, I could do it for you. I’m no professional by any means but I’ve had it done on me enough times that I feel I could do a decent job.

Otherwise, for big / complicated implant jobs that require a lot of talent, the only professional I know and trust is Lassi at He has a parlor in Helsinki and in Kotka.