Help? Trying to bring up my info

How do we make our implants pop up our business cards like in the video. I have nfc tools installed and saved my stuff in. Anyone ?? I tried it on a phone and got nothing

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  1. What video exactly?
  2. What implant do you have
  3. What Phone
  4. What did you save? a contact,URL,etc?

more info and I’m sure we can be of help


It’s a tad bit unclear about what video, what’s your card and which phone you tried on…

So for now all I can do is to offer a link such as this one:

If you have a DesFire chip or similar you might be able to run Javacard apps, which are fairly more complex (but able to do even cooler stuff/ is maybe that what you meant with “like the video”?).
For a simple data handout (which is enough for most business card details), the above link should be enough help.
For anything else, just help us understand you and you’ll probably get some better answers than a link! >.o


Is NFC turned on
Is the phone unlocked
Where and how are you trying to scan it?
Does the phone have a cover on it?
Have you also tried TagWriter by NXP ( NFC tools should be fine though)