Help with ink cartidge chip

Wondering if anybody can point me in the right direction. I just have received proxmark3 easy and i also have chameleon tiny. I have a Roland Truvis printer which uses ink pouches and have ntag213 7 bite tag for each color. Each ink pouch has diferent uid. I would like to refill cartridges and make my own tags because they charge me $15 for each chip. Tag in the ink pouch calculate ink use, date first installed, how many times pluged in…I have tried to clone tag to ntag213 but printer reported error. I am guessing there is some coorelation between uid and read only data on blocks 4-7. Whats the best way to aproach this puzzle. I am newbie and i really appreciate any help.

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Chances are the data is somehow correlated with the UID. It could be encryption or a simple byte shifting scheme.

To be clear, the tag does not calculate anything. The printer is doing that and storing the data on the tag. The 213 is a simple tag for storage only.

A good start would be to post data from an unused ink cartridge, then post updated data as it’s used. Then do the same for a few more identical ink (same color) cartridges. That will help reduce the variables. Maybe someone can figure it out.

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According to this post it seems that the chip is used for authenticity checking purposes only. It claims that “the ink levels comes from the tabs on the carts themselves.”

Can’t confirm that this is the exact same system as yours or if this is really true, but it’s what I found with a little Googling.

The user actually goes on to test if the ink level is stored on the chip later in the thread:

I’m going to do a fairly simple test: use a black plastic cover with an EMPTY chip (for example yellow), and dismantle the cover to put a full pocket of yellow.

2/3 full pocket with chip and empty plastic = 2/3 full detection
Empty pocket with chip and full plastic = empty detection
2/3 full pocket with plastic BUT WITHOUT chip = 2/3 full detection


Thanks thats good idea. I will do that for couple same color tags and later post findings. Should i do hf mfu tag info on proxmark for this data?

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That works but I find the data output format of taginfo more pleasing

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Ok ill do that too

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I am also looking for same solution.I also need to clone nfc mfu tag it’s password protected and every tag have different uid

Is it also for Truevis TR2 inks?

I have found something interesting. While I was playing in service mode with printer there is option for RFID test. After I did that and took each cartridge out and than plugged back in, all level reseted to 100%. How is that possible? Does that mean that tag is just used for some kind of identification so printer knows when was first plugged in and than it calculates usage on his own. Does that makes sense?

04-4B-35-32-2E-10-91_After reset_494ml.txt (2.9 KB)
04-4B-35-32-2E-10-91_NEW.txt (2.9 KB)
04-4B-35-32-2E-10-91_Right after Plugging.txt (2.9 KB)

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Above are 3 files. One when ink tag was new, one right after it was plugged in first time and 3rd after ink levels were reset. I will upload one more after I use ink for couple milliliters

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