Hey all! I'm new here, and I would like to introduce myself

Hey all!
I’m Bobo and I am speaking out from Victoria, Australia!
I’ve lurked here’s for a couple days without an account and just signed up.
Similar to a post by @Kit a few days ago, I am a noob when it comes to bio hacking and grinding - but unlike them i have little knowledge in computers.

So my main question is, in term of UI and general technical know-how needed, how user friendly is the sniffing/cloning/formatting processes in general?

Being here, i am more than happy to learn, and would rather learn what the processes are regarding implants and their associated pieces of tech so not only do I avoid making a fool of myself, but potentially make a mistake that damages the hard/software.

Apologies for such a general enquiry, and i hope this real friendly community can help out a chump like me :joy:
Thanks guys!

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depends on what youre using to clone.

the proxmark is a brilliant device and cloning is one of its features but not all it does.

its a CLI in terms of UI but its incredibly friendly.

domestic cloning of things that can be cloned is decently well documented by both amal and the RFID community in general but its also a recommended learning experience to learn how to do it instead of being given the commands.

if there’s any specific rfid cloning info you’d need feel free to ping me/dm me on here or discord ComradeClassic#1515

we’ve also got a discord server Dangerous Discord that’s active and helpful.

be mindful not everything is cloneable and some technologies are harder to clone than others

Damn beat me to it,


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lurking with an open tab is 99% of my personality at this point


The forum is one of my main menu buttons on my phone, and I click it probably every 3-5 minutes

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Thanks so much dude! I really appreciate it!

Relatable content may dude

I’ll recommend getting a Proxmark 3 and some cards and/or fobs with the chips that you’re interested in. That way you can play with the technology with the piece of mind that if you mess something up, it’s with a chip that’s not under your skin.

I also recommend that you try the TagInfo app as it’s very useful even if phones are limited in their NFC capabilities.

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@Equipter I am planning on purchasing the Proxmark3 with the NExT bundle in the near future - I was just hella unsure if I had the capability to work with the tech. If it is user friendly, and i have read a good handful of guides on the site already. Im sure I could figure it all out.

Now here’s to hoping I dont brick the bloody thing trying to get it to work :joy:

if youre getting the proxmark from dt its impossible to brick it! the firmware you’d usually have to flash manually is already flashed to it which is what makes it great, if in the future you’d need to update it its literally two things to click, super intuitive

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That’s awesome, thanks!

Thanks dude!

The PM3 is relatively easy to use. I think the most complicated part is setting it up for the first time. The commands were easier to learn than I thought they’d be. Between the help menus on the PM3, and the help guides here, it was pretty quick to program my xSIID and NExT. Definitely have a good friendly and knowledgeable resource to pull info from here and on Discord.

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I’d be happy to chip in some PM3 knowledge along side some others.

The client has its quirks but very easy to get going and more practice just makes it easier.