HID 125khz badget that doesn't respond to 125khz?


Hey I’m new to this, and still trying to understand all the ins and outs, I’ve got a 125khz HID ProxCard II, I know it’s a 125khz system because I got a bright green LF light on the RFID Diagnostic card (I think the reader actually burnt the led out, once I got home I couldn’t get anything to light up LF only HF). But if I take that HID card and put it on a blue cloner, generic 125khz usb reader, none of it reports finding a card or reacts at all. It’s only when I use the White Multifreq Chinese scanner it will read it, but instead of saying “ID-125KHz” it says “HID-125KHz”. I do have a Proxmark on the way, but while I wait I was curious if someone to point me to some documentation about what’s going on. I didn’t think 125khz had a challenge-response system like the HF do.


There are “crapier” blue cloners that only do EM cards. Your’s might not do HID cards.

Like this one specifically states it does not do HID cards.

So the white cloner is telling you that you scanned an HID card. So the xEM needs to be put in HID mode and then cloned. A cloner will do this automatically based on what kind of card the source card was. When the xEM in HID mode, it will not respond if it is presented to an EM reader and vice versa.

It should be noted that you should absolutely read this FAQ before you attempt to clone your xEM.


I have read that, you’re right I must have ended up with a blue cloner that wasn’t HID compatible. I wasn’t planning on using it for my xEM, but just playing with tags I have lying around. Without my proxmark it’s hard to tell what kind of tags are what. I think that tags I have on hand are just EM4100 and not T5577. Hence my confusion when I couldn’t clone HID on them. I’ve been trying to find some kind of chart that lists chips and what they do (in terms of writable sectors, bit length, ect) but haven’t found one yet. Either way http://www.priority1design.com.au has been a good resource to understand the page and block use of different chips.