HID Proxcard ii assistance

I am getting my NExT chip tomorrow and I have a question about cloning a proxcard. My work uses Proxcard ii with a verification server. What steps do I need to take in order to clone my current card with the implant?

You can either get a proxmark 3 (easy$ or rdv4$$$)
Or you can get a blue Chinese cloner
Cloner is cheap and quick… but writes a password to the chip, and runs a chance of bricking a chip if you don’t do it very deliberately

I think most will speak for the proxmark 3

I and still learning how to use mine, but I managed to clone a prox ii card, just haven’t attempted to my implants yet, kinda want to try to make a better antenna for it

The rdv4 version can be had with a much better coil antenna, but again at several times the cost of a easy

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How risky is it to use the blue chinese one. I can’t find the proxmark3 easy, I think it got discontinued.

Most of us with the easy got it from piswordsill find a link

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Or that can happen right as I find the link lol

As far as the blue cloner, the issue is if you don’t maintain a perfect paring to the chip while writing it can tear the data and semi or fully brick the chip, it’s happened on here a few times most I think have been recoverable with some master level help

There’s also a mod to change the antenna angle

Additionally Amal made a video about the blue cloner since he put it back in the store


@anon3825968 has done a good guide to increasing the reliability of read / write

Ha at least beat you with that link

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I think ill go with the blue one since im kinda on a budget and Ill only be writing one card. That video should definitely help though. Are all blue cloners the same from different vendors or sites?

NO they are not

So is there any other cheaper option I can get or is this my only option

I posted this earlier today, seems relevant

Not to say you can’t find a cheaper option, but at least we know the DT one will work.
us the DT one has 3 modes, where most others you will find don’t have AWID

You should be looking for a “3 beep version” here is an expired link…
but FYI


Got it, ill get one that is confirmed to be a 3 mode. Thanks for the advice!

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Might also see if anyone around you has a Proxmark3 and can help out.

Somebody around here went to a lot of trouble to put this FAQ together… Might as well use it.

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