Hidden Vivokey Apex site?

I was on google looking for people in the beta program’s experiences and I stumbled across a page on the website advertising the apex flex and an add to cart button. Is this supposed to be visible?

Kinda, it’s not officially released yet, as there are still things to work out on software, marketing and stuff.
But the chip itself is already done.
So you can buy it to if you search/find it but not everything is finished yet.


ah alright I was super confused. I might get it soonish but the install procedure scares me a bit and I don’t wanna install something that’s in heavy beta.

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  • Consider how many people have thought the same thing.
  • Consider how many people have had similar installs
    *Once you get it, you will realise it is more of a physiological barrier, not a physical one.
  • Simple and quick procedure.
  • This forum is full of people saying
    ~“it wasn’t as bad as I thought”

I would actually call it pre-release Alpha


The needle looks scary as fuck when you see it but provided you use the lube that comes with it, it goes in easy.

I recommend a numbing gel if you have it, or a few beers (provided it’s not self install) first. I seriously did not feel it. Mine is in the back of my wrist.

It’s hardware is all good. It just is limited in terms of the apps available at the moment. There is a pgp app, OTP and 2UF which all work well. I also have a NDef container and the Tesla key (don’t know why but I figure I might hire one next holidays so thought it would be a cool idea).

Also if you install now all the swelling etc will be gone by the time of the official release.

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Alright maybe I’ll get it. I just watched an install on YouTube and having the needle shoved in didn’t look so bad even though it’s massive. The shoving of the implant into the new hole forcefully is what looked TERRIBLE.

Afaik that shouldn’t be the terrible part…

Honestly, I had the install done without any numbing gels or anything, and I was surprised how little it actually hurt (top of my wrist). Then again, the Adrenalin probably masked a fair amount of the pain, but I recall having wasp and bee string which hurt worse.

I had it done recently, installed in the meaty part of the inside / top of my forearm. I’d describe the install as unpleasant. I couldn’t tell you if this or getting a tattoo on my finger was more painful. probably the tattoo. definitely way less painful than a migraine and a much shorter duration.

also I think the skill level of the installer probably makes a difference too.

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