Hitag (125KHz) + xNT (13.56MHz) data collision

I have had a hitag s implanted in my left hand for about 8 years. It migrated pretty far back and sits on the tendons near the midpoint of my metacarpal bone, in this approximate location:

I just purchased an xNT NFC chip and am interested in putting it in the same location (between thumb and index finger, not necessarily on my metacarpal). I had planned on removing the hitag, but am wondering if it is necessary to do so? What if I simply implant the new chip higher up, like Amal’s in the x-ray?

8 years??
I had the same question and i after i out the Rfid in other location

Mar 7
From may 2016 on the left hand i’ve a NFC tag.
Can i install on the same left hand, 2mm on the right or on the left of old NFC, one RFID tag or so near they cannot work?

Mar 7
We do not recommend installing two x-series transponders into the same location in the same hand. Placing transponders close together can increase the risk of breaking.

Mar 8
If the only problem is the breaking and not the interference between the transponders, I’d try put the second transponder a few millimeters away from the first one.
Thank you

Mar 9
if the two transponders are different frequencies then there will be less interference than if they were the same frequency. try to keep at least 5mm of tissue between the two and you should be ok.

From an anatomical point of view, I think it would be best to remove the old tag regardless, seeing as it’s positioned itself so very close to the metacarpal bone. Risking breakage and possible infection I deem not worth it.
As far as functionality goes, I’m no good ^^

Well, I got the xNT installed approximately 15mm away from the hitag. Both are operating as expected.

I’m not worried about the hitag being close to my bone. It has been there for so long, I don’t even notice it anymore. Honestly, I’m certain that there is significantly more risk removing it than there is just leaving it in there.

I’ll update if anything changes.

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