Hitag2 Cloning to NExT Implant

Unfortunately it doesn’t include a hitag s2048 card.
I got one here

You can clone a paxton credential to a Hitag S256


Looks like I need a new implant :smiley:

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Hey everybody! Tom’s back!

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In some capacity yes, yes I am indeed back and I just found my own thread’s googling about hitag stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


For those that don’t know @TomHarkness

You might recognise his name from such things as…


I was able to enroll my Next into their Hitag system where they manage all their hitag tags and it works perfect, so maybe you could ask if it is possible if they can do that for you?

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I understand you managed to write Paxton black key fob with blue ring on it, which is used for their Net2 to your Next chip? If so, was there any specific tinkering with chip necessary to make it work? sorry if it sounds noobish, but I literally just got into biohacking and ordered xEM and NeXT chips.
EDIT: If you wouldn’t mind describing what you had to do to get it work in a few steps. Thank you!
Thank you in advance.

I’m not particularly familiar with Paxton.

I think it is a High Frequency system and I also think it is compatible with a Mifare Classic implant.
I’m not sure about the NExT. :man_shrugging:

It doesn’t sound like you have a Proxmark3, but if you do can you try either

lf search


hf search

If it is HF and you don’t have a ProxMark3.
Can you try and scan you fob with TagInfo and share your results here

Thank you so much for a quick reply. I have ProxMark3 in shipping. Will share everything as soon as I get it. Just thought maybe someone already got the answer :smile:.
Will create a sub to dump everything there.
Thank you!

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There may well be.
The search function on the forum works very well…
You might just have a bit of reading ahead of you.

it may still be worth trying TagInfo whilst you wait

.How to share NFC chip data via TagInfo app

If this is the same as the system you are using, you may well have your answer

That is exactly right. No tinkering.
They just scanned the HF side of my NEXT into their system and it worked perfectly on the readers.
They are indeed using the Paxton black key fob with blue ring on it.


so just a ‘out of the box’ chip directly onto Paxton reader. No prior chip configuration?

Yes Sir
It was this one to be more exact.
Had to swipe a few times to get the read but it was out of the box yes.

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Thank you so much. I got mine to work just now too :slight_smile:


@Zenef and @deadafplayer

Can you please confirm which implants you have tried and which do / don’t work?

I have added the NExT, so presume xNT will work
also looking at the website info, it should work with “Mifare” chips
But better that you can confirm this than I guess things

I have added your post to the Compatibility matrix here


The only thing I can confirm 100% is the xNT side of the Next working with paxton readers. I don’t know anything about paxton other then the reader in the image above that it worked on to scan my chip.

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so I did some digging, and it turns out, that it works because of paxtons incompetence.
When you add a new key to Paxton Net2 system, it scans the ID of the HF side of the as well as the LF side of the NeXT. It won’t work if you only provide LF or HF.
Paxton (in UK, might be different in other countries apparently) uses two frequencies. First one is 125kHz as to start the validation of a chip and then when powered at HF from the reader, transmits at 13.56. Paxton doesn’t seem to verify the 125kHz and that’s the only reason why NeXT works with Paxton. Technically, if you were to provide 125kHz just for the sign up process to the system, you could only use the xNT.