Home alarm RFID keypad readers (Texecom)

Just an FYI . Home alarm systems that use RFID tags. I had been trying to use my NeXT chip (xEM) to test out the Prox readers at work. Nothing would read or beep or anything… So I brought out the trusty RFID Diagnostic card from DT. There was a very dim LF glow. So I thought great let’s put the implant right there… nothing… Humm just as a test for position I placed my hand on the centre of the card while it was glowing. INSTANT read… turns out the NeXT chip cant draw enough power to activate the scan, but with the Diagnostic card over it 1st the Led adds just enough draw to trigger the reader… means carrying the card with me and kinda defeats the implant idea, but it works!!.

It sounds like the reader coil in the security system is tiny and behind thin plastic, which doesn’t couple well with the LF side of the NExT. What you’re doing with the diagnostic card (which is super clever, btw) is introducing a patch antenna that resonates at the same frequency, and changes the shape/size of the field so that it can couple with the NExT. That’s good news, because it means the reader is putting out enough juice, it’s just not shaped to couple well to the implant. I would try even more orientations of your hand and see if you can get it without the diagnostic card. If not, maybe pop off the faceplate and post a picture of the coil(s).

Check out this thread:


I’ll see if I can get one from work to “Test” lol.